5 Businesses You Can Start Right Now For Zero Dollars

Online businesses are beginning to look like viable options given the changing nature of businesses planetwide. However, how do you start one without breaking the bank? Your savings are needed to satisfy your daily needs, so an approach of scaling a start-up from zero is definitely one people always consider.

The types of companies you can start will require your focus on tasks that are different if you are not used to doing things online. These skills can be learned and improved upon.

Let’s try to open our minds to the wide world of online spaces and places!

Here are 5 brilliant ways to turn your ideas into businesses that can thrive.

Freelancing 101
Two places we teach our students to navigate and learn how to earn money online from are Fiverr.com and UpWork.com. They are heavily trafficked sites that allow anyone, anywhere to do legitimate business and service clients worldwide.

The power of these platforms comes from not just getting business right away but needs to be approached like any other start-up endeavor. You need to ensure you:
Optimize Your Freelancer Profile
– Optimize The Profiles On Your Social Media
– Are Consistent In Promoting Your Business and Responding To Potential Clients

– Are Scaling To Make The Business More Profitable

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Podcasting Like A Talk Show Host

In the early days of internet marketing, blogging was a brilliant way of transforming your ideas and letting others know about them. Nowadays, audio-based content is all they crave!

Podcasts allow people to tune in and still do whatever they’re doing, unlike reading, or videos that require visual attention.  People have found immense value in learning something new or being entertained while they go about their usual daily operations.

You can start by coming up with an idea, formatting a few sessions, getting co-hosts and guests, and then creating a podcast show template that is reused for every episode. Your notepad and online writing software can help you to hash out the planning and organizing. Free software such as Audacity can help you to edit the show once voiced. Then be sure to upload to all major audio platforms – Google, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Stitcher, and more.

Vlogging Is Not Just For Movie Stars

Having your voice out there as a Youtuber or video blogger is a fantastic avenue to later monetize the videos or add sponsored content within.

The Youtube community is vast! That means there is no topic that you can’t try to think on, model and create your own unique style to produce.

However, where your video series and shows can become even more impactful is with paid/sponsored guest appearances, re-purposing of the content in podcasts, blogs and social media. In addition, some TV networks sometimes will take on a show idea and put it on their broadcasts. Your copyrighted material can pay you in the long run.

You may need both graphic design and video creation skills to be an excellent vlogger. Find out more in these courses:
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Video Creation Mastery 
Publishing A Book

The biggest and fastest way many people find to make themselves known as an expert or official in the online space is by writing a book.

Books are permanent fixtures; solid methods of communication and can act as your business card. Free platforms to publish your book include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu Press.

You can even double your profits by turning your books into serialized written book/content, audio versions, and even longer courses.

To learn more about writing, editing, and publishing books, check out these online courses:

SEO Blog Optimization
Get Paid To Format Books
Get Paid To Upload And Publish Books

Ecommerce The Easy Way

Building a website and even more creating a space for an online store might seem onerous or difficult but is even easier nowadays. There are some brilliant online tools, software and

Consider selling your own products, drop-shipping items from others or hosting those for a community space.

Many online platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Etsy, Ecwid, Amazon, eBay and SquareUp exist to allow people to promote brands and sell items online. They also all have free options

You may wish to brush up on website design skills to get the best out of your online store business idea. Please check out our masterclass on website building.
Note that whichever avenue you decide on requires marketing to get your name out there. Building up your brand and networking will take time and energy. Some free methods to start on this include ensuring search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing methods are entailed in all promotions.

The more optimized your website, video or audio content, the easier it can be found in the search engines by a relevant audience. The more you network online, and engage with your similar audience in forums, social media groups, and messaging boards, the more likely you are to profit and earn additional income.