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Alicia has traveled the world to places such as Singapore, China, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, and throughout the United States as a well sought-after speaker and trainer. Not only does she speak on stages but she is a regular guest on podcasts, radio shows, local news stations, and more, As a business owner and entrepreneur coach, Alicia is committed to helping other entrepreneurs succeed. She coaches individuals on leveraging the power of the internet and using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to grow and scale their businesses.

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AI Clone to Conquer the Digital World

AI-Powered Growth Strategies

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"Leveraging The Power of AI to Grow Your Business"

With her extensive experience in the industry and a deep understanding of emerging technologies, Alicia shares valuable insights into how businesses can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to increase their revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer engagement. She also emphasizes the importance of adapting to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and adopting a forward-thinking approach to AI integration. By providing real-world examples and case studies, she demonstrates how businesses across various industries are benefiting from AI-powered tools and solutions.

"AI Clones: Amplifying Your Presence in the Digital World"

TEDx Rockville

"Fusion of Expertise: 25 AI Trailblazers Set the Stage at the AI Insights Summit"

Online Virtual Summit – AI Insights Summit

"Empowering Time Management Through AI Cloning"

Live Event – Women +Tech Meetup

"Leveraging AI in Your Childcare Business"

Live Event – Childcare Millionaires Live

"Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Through Insightful AI Sessions"

Live Event – WEW Elevation Acceleration Conference

“Unveiling AI's Power in Webinars: Groundbreaking Strategies”

Live Event – Webinarcon

“Empowering Speakers with AI: Groundbreaking Approach”

Live Event – Story Into Profits

"Mastering Ai For Content Creation"

Private Mastermind Event

"7 Ways To Earn With Ai"

Online Virtual Summit – Ultimate Profit Bootcamp

"Easy AI Money: Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT"

Online Virtual Summit – Ride The Ai Wave

"Authors and Ai: How to Capitalize on the Wave"

Private Member's Only Invitation

"Digital Course Creation With ChatGPT"

Online Virtual Summit – Breaking Barriers

"Mastering Content Creation With ChatGPT"

Live Event – Traffic, Sales & Profit  

"How To Leverage 15 Crazy Yet Effective A.I. Tools & Strategies to Skyrocket Your Income"

Online Virtual Summit – The Blackprenuer Ai Summit

"Increase Online Presence & Create Engaging Content Tailored to Your Specific Audiences with ChatGPT."

Online Virtual Summit – Passion Into Profits

Join me on a journey of transformation. I want to inspire you, motivate you and provide you with the tools you need to live the life you want and deserve.