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Business owner, Business coach, International Speaker & Trainer.
Before jumping into entrepreneurship, Alicia was enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Michigan pursuing a career in Environmental Science and Policy. She worked with some notable organizations including The White House, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and The City of New Orleans in the Mayor’s Office.
In the year 2000, she was introduced to how to build a business via the Internet and left her PhD behind. In 2010 she experienced several set backs from battling cancer and walking away from a marriage that left her from being a millionaire to being flat broke. She bounced back, and with hard work and dedication, today she is a self-made millionaire through her online ventures.
Alicia has traveled the world to places such as Singapore, China, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and throughout the United States as a well sought after speaker and trainer. Not only does she speak on stages but she is a regular guest on podcasts, radio shows, local news stations and more, all emphasizing how to leverage the Internet to work from anywhere, be your own boss and build the lifestyle you deserve and desire.
Alicia's goal is to help others recognize their brilliance, and turn that brilliance into profits through leveraging the power of the Internet.
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Success stories from my amazing tribe!

  • Kerry W.

    I was introduced to Alicia through my cousin Lakeisha who is doing extremely well with Alicia’s teachings. I put Alicia’s stuff into action for myself and made $10,000.00 in a month. I’m so excited for what’s ahead and I’m going to double that figure real soon!
  • Tyson R.

    Alicia and Lorette turned me from a web designer to an agency owner then through a connection they turned me into co-founder in a million dollar company. Their coaching and connections have changed my business and my life.
  • Dr. Stan Harris

    Alicia is the coach's coach! Years ago Alicia coached me in creating my own product that I sold from stage that same day and made over $40,000.00. I’ve been creating products and courses ever since and always look to Alicia’s coaching and teaching.
  • Greg C.

    Alicia coached me on my first digital product way back in 2003 and it has made millions online. We teamed up to create a product together as well and we grossed over 1.8 million in sales. Alicia’s the real deal.