When you’re just starting out online, it might seem like a vast space with many things to learn and too many unfamiliar territories but you can make your way through the minefield.

One thing that always disturbs new business owners or online start-ups is how to market their companies for the greatest impact. Online marketing takes time and can be learned. You just have to adjust your mind to think digital and fill your ideas into what can work in online places.

Here’s a quick list of four killer methods to begin online promotions that you can adjust, improve upon, and later scale. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a landscape of great potential. If treated right and professionally, you can have vast promotion into various arenas.

Just starting out, you may not have a budget for advertising on the Facebook Network or Google Adwords, so ensure you increase your involvement in the free social media marketing methods.

Do the following:
– Make your profile as professional as possible and post consistently

– Network online in social media groups, and public forums and find out how you can help others
– Engage with your similar audience in forums ie. talk back to people and leave comments in places and pages that industry leaders frequent

– Have other persons, speakers and influencers share your content

Email Newsletter Promotions

You can find immense value from marketing in email lists. When you just start out, you will not have your own. However, having your own tribe to talk, interact and market to will mean tremendous value in the long run.

You can initially use free email software such as MailChimp and SendInBlue. However, once skilled enough you may wish to migrate to more dedicated and professional services such as Drip, Aweber, Constant Contact, and Get Response.

Of more importance, when you’re just beginning, ensure you liaise with persons in your space who already have established lists. Ask them for assistance by providing them content, adding value to their team, or even paying them for an email blast. 

People who are already engaged in your niche and industry on an email list are some of the most targeted audiences you can find to market to and eventually profit from

Online Guest Appearances

I do a lot of guest appearances in different spaces. The truth be told, I love teaching and interacting but there’s another reason I do this. It allows my brand to be exposed more.

As I build and engage with other followers of industry leaders, I can talk and let people know more about what I do.  This can be either as a guest on their blog, writing a blog for them, or being on their show, podcast, or video series. 

Attend, Host And Sponsor Local Community Efforts

Local events, trade shows, online influencer promotions, and seasonal business webinars and seminars are great times for any business.

If your company fits the type of promotion going on in your online environment, make efforts to be involved or sponsor it. Sponsorships don’t have to be monetary but can be skill-wise, by services, trading/barter of services, or allowing your products for giveaways. It may be that you can speak or participate in the event or show as well.

If you don’t see anything happening in your space or industry, you can even start up an event of your own. Nothing beats getting a personal promotion going that helps to get your business, brand, and services more well-known.

Starting and growing online will be filled with lots of errors and problems to solve daily. Don’t be afraid to fail at some things as you begin. That’s part of the process. No one became great without first learning. No master improved their craft without first making many mistakes.

In addition, try to follow your passion and have fun with it. Your dreams can be attained with careful planning, determination, and a will to focus on providing value in your niche or industry.