Goal setting is a topic you’ve probably heard about before. What you may not have learned or understood is the consistent effort required to really achieve your dreams.

Sometimes we see successful people and imagine being like them or modeling them for achievement. However, success many times takes time. Even more importantly, success leaves clues. One clue which many people miss is that failure is part of the process and momentum towards fulfilling a goal is acquired after years of experience and continued work output.

Let’s look at five (5) ways I personally stay consistent to ensure that I accomplish my tasks daily and yearly.

Plan Your Months, Weeks, And Days

Every person that has done well in some endeavor had some idea or concept that they then took down a path to completion.

I plan my life as closely as I can, with yearly goals and associated tasks for each to reach its fruition.

If I can be visionary enough and imagine myself capable of achieving then it’s almost there. What puts the icing on the cake is
– breaking that bigger goal down into sub-tasks
– writing it down with a clear vision for attainment set with deadlines and targets
– keep reviewing this major plan overtime and adjusting where necessary

– finding out which network, associate, or team member is the best to assist me with each task 

– building systems around the tasks required so that everyone has a clear role and everything stays organized

Schedule Daily

Aside from having a general approach to your tasks, each day, ensure that you look over your tasks and then adjust and replan where necessary. This should be done in the beginning portion of your day to stay organized and make your day flow better.

For getting my daily tasks jotted down nothing beats a calendar and daily scheduler.

Calendly or Google Calendar is a good option to schedule and get reminders for appointments and interviews. I use a calendly link to ask people to schedule appointment dates and times with me.

Remember don’t make the day rule you. “You rule the day!”

Consistent Action

Now that you’re all prepared for each day, it’s time to take action and make your dreams happen. Most days you don’t need more motivation. If you have a solid plan and are not seeing results, many instances, this occurred because of reduced or no execution.

Try to keep your energy levels up, give yourself enough time to complete each task, and be determined and concentrate on each block of time.

Batch your days into time slots. You should also be clear on what point of the day you are most effective at different tasks and try to do them then.

Planning meetings are generally best in the mornings. Doing interviews or live discussions many times are best in the afternoons. Networking and growing my marketing options are an evening activity. This works for me but, you should find a time that flows with your energy levels, team members, and your schedule.

Consistent Rest

I’m a hard worker if I say so myself. I hate seeing unfinished projects and incomplete to-dos on my list.

However, there will come a point when I see that fatigue or weariness kick in. That’s when I know that I need to rest. This includes not just your normal sleeping each night but a coordinated day of planning, execution, and rest.

The cycle of a day should include time-outs between each task, breaks to eat something, time to get air and sunshine, walks outside, exercise or light stretching, and also meditation.

There may be a trap given remote working days to stay indoors or use your laptop for long stretches. Don’t be sucked into it. Break up your day into portions.

This actually makes you more focused on each session of work. In addition, you stay sharper, you get less brain fog, and feel more connected to life.  

Consistent Training

One thing I love is a good seminar or training workshop. In fact, I lead or participate in many as well.

If you wish to be a leader or good business person, you have to also be a constant learner. Books are great for this. I read at least a book each month and constantly update myself with articles.

However what I find the most fun is online events that give deals for participation and where I can network, meet other like-minded people and continue to grow my businesses.

The learning cycle isn’t complete when you hear or watch something new. Each time you acquire more knowledge, it’s best to keep working on utilizing the tasks. Additionally, impart it to others as well.

This way you keep in a cycle of constant effort and momentum. You will be consistently moving towards your goals. Your days will feel more exciting and you will build up your happiness.

Keep consistent by planning, batching your days with tasks, executing, resting, and learning and growing. Goals are meant to be achieved but it’s you who will be the deciding factor. Continue to have a joyful time accomplishing your dreams with a consistent work ethic.

What goals are you working towards in 2021? Comment below and let me know what you want to stay consistent with.