I was recently on a podcast interview with Anik Signal named “The Fighting Entrepreneur.” You can check it out at AnikPodcast.com. He spoke with me about the needs of his students on the Lurn platform and how they were always looking for ways to earn money online.

Anik is a man who started out learning from others and then building his businesses. He stated how one of the first training programmes he did cost $25,000 but he went on to make millions from there.

I decided to talk about something I love to express – making money online as efficiently as possible.

From the podcast I mentioned a few things you can do online, how much to charge and where to find clients.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or just looking to start up a business, this is a good video to watch and get ideas from. Look below and see some of the main points we discussed.

“The skills that people will pay you for could be anything!”


– My sister Lorette, who’s good at managing teams and teaching young entrepreneurs, does Instagram templates and flyers for clients. However, can you imagine that she uses a free tool to do it and also does none of the major technical work?

She may charge $100 for 30 graphics which is a good cost for a small business. Afterward, what she does is do freelance flipping and have another less experienced freelancer do the work at a lower cost. She then gives the clients the finished work and still nets a profit.

– We have multiple students who do voice-overs for clients. People use it for radio or even TV commercials. When they do this it can be with a free tool called Audacity that you can download from Sourceforge.

– I have a student who does relationship coaching. When she started she was just nineteen (19) yrs old and single!
– Another student asked $35 to listen to people for 30 minutes. She made a fun play online about it by saying that she’s “making bank by listening to people.”

– Another young student of mine, Kerri-ann, is an accountant and bookkeeper by trade, and I showed her how to transfer her skills online. She also ended up designing book covers in the same free graphic designing software called Canva.

She charges around $175 per book cover. Currently, in the last few months, she’s earned around $12,000 per month in total – approximately $6,000/mo in book-keeping and $6,000/mo in book covers.

– Phone calling has made many of my students use their speaking skills to good use. Customers may need it for welcome calls, mystery calls, follow-up calls or to close deals and business discounts.

For example, recently, I opened an e-commerce store and made some 180 sales but needed someone to call some people and find out how business was going.

If you’re good at managing customer complaints or have done work at a call centre before, then this can be a great way to use your skills and earn from it.

– Many of our students also make tons of income from social media and transcription.

“You have a skill that you can turn into a service and offer online. You also have knowledge that you can put together as information and sell online… I want to say that you can do it too.”


The main ways I’ve seen my students start to promote themselves and do it well are with social media and online freelancing platforms. Try to choose a social media platform that you’re comfortable with and that can leverage your business the way you wish.

The freelancing websites I like to use and teach my students are Fiverr.com and UpWork.com.


Attempt to build and scale your business outside of Fiverr. You will get contacts on the platform who may need longer daily tasks and you can service better that way. In addition, once your brand gets more known and you build up a portfolio of work, other people from other parts of the internet may reach out to you.

Anik mentioned that business owners should try and do gigs and tasks that are popular and relevant. You may feel that specific work has lots of providers, but that means there are also lots of sales and people who are demanding these jobs. Start off small and charge less than the experienced users then increase cost later to manage time and clients.

Also remember if you’re looking for other ideas on what to do online, use Google and Youtube to get insights and details on money earners.

We also have a robust site dedicated to these sorts of topics, with a treasure trove of information.

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Which one of these money-making ideas will you try? Let me know in the comments below!