It's funny, but nowadays, a side hustle doesn't necessarily stay on the side! There are many folks who have transformed their side hustle into a full time, high earning income that has allowed them to quit their main job.

The main reason why you need a side hustle is, of course, for the extra money. But there are some different perspectives on this, and hidden benefits that you might not have thought about.

1. “Money For Nothing & Your Checks For Free”

In the words of a Dire Straits song from 1985, a side hustle can indeed bring you money for nothing. Base your side hustle on something you are really good at, or that drives a passion within you, and you're on your way! If you consider it as more like a hobby, using your skills and expertise – it doesn't even feel like work!   

2. “One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure”

It can be really hard for us to comprehend that something we can do with ease is difficult for someone else. For example, I can't even draw a stick figure without agonizing over whether it's OK, like, are the legs the same length, should I put a face on it? Pretty sure you know what I'm saying, right? Whereas I have a friend who can draw a dog…. from the paws upwards and not even bat an eyelid! Others may be in awe of something you can do naturally.

3. “Takin' Care Of Business”

Yes, Bachman Turner Overdrive said it best in 1974: the purpose of your main job is to feed the bill monster and take care of the business of surviving. But who or what pays for the extras that EVERYONE needs? You guessed it: your side hustle.

It doesn't really matter how much we earn in our main job, our expenses always seem to conveniently keep up with our income, meaning we run out of money before we run out of a week!

4. “I'm Going Slightly Mad”

Released in 1991, this little-known song from Queen says it all…to put it bluntly, a side hustle keeps you sane! It allows for those “little extras” that motivate you to live instead of just exist. Sure, you can do those boring things (that you know you probably should do) like pay off your debts faster, or add to your savings, but why not have some fun and earn yourself some “play” money too?

5. “I Did It My Way”

We'll leave the last word to the late, great Frank Sinatra and his classic tune. It epitomizes the reasons why you need a side hustle in a nutshell.

In these current times of uncertainty – especially as far as job security is concerned, there is no easier way to sleep well at night than knowing that your future is under your own control, that you are performing tasks that ignite your passion, and that you can grow your side hustle to dizzyingly massive proportions if you so desire: now that has to give you the ultimate reasons why you need a side hustle!


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