Getting More Clients

Finding new clients can be a challenge, even if you have an amazing product or service and excellent customer service. You might be wondering how you can get more clients to your business.

What is the key?

TTMPTalk To More People

To attract people's attention and showcase the value we offer, we need to engage in meaningful discussions. One effective approach is to create valuable content. If you're not having live conversations, you can generate content that remains accessible for people to read and perceive you as a valuable contributor in the market. This can be achieved through various online platforms such as social media, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups.

Here are different ways to communicate with people:

  1. Engage in one-on-one conversations.
  2. Record conversations for others to listen to later.
  3. Participate in live sessions or events.

Do you talk about your business with others every day?

Let's set a goal for yourself: create five conversations each day.

Remember, these conversations don't have to be in person. Nowadays, people are more comfortable engaging digitally, whether it's for conversations, hiring, or making purchases. This is your chance to have meaningful discussions.

You can assist someone by offering them value and sharing information about your business. Here are a few ways you can initiate these conversations:

  1. Phone Calls
  2. Text Messages
  3. Status Updates
  4. Social Media
  5. Live sessions

Les Brown, one of the world's most inspiring and motivating speakers, has a technique called the 3 Feet Rule. According to this rule, he initiates conversations with people who are within a three-foot distance from him. He starts by asking for their names, inquires if they know someone who needs assistance and offers genuine compliments.

When we compliment others and exude positive energy, people are naturally drawn to us. It's important to be sincere and respectful when complimenting someone.

Have you given any compliments to people yesterday?

This is a strategy I learned from Les Brown. By spreading good vibes through compliments, we can attract positivity back into our lives.

Here's an example of how the 3 Feet Rule works:

Hi, I’m Lorette Lyttle, nice to meet you, and what’s your name? Well, those are fantastic shoes, it’s nice to meet you. I’m out building my business today, I help women to build their brands by creating websites and their logos. If you know someone who needs my help, would you mind passing on my information?

It should be as natural as possible.

Why don’t we have more conversations?

Brian Tracy points out that fear holds us back.

  • Afraid of failing.
  • Scared of rejection.
  • Hesitation to take action.


Fear of Failure

When we embark on something new, we cannot guarantee success. Brian Tracy advises us to approach it with the understanding that while we may encounter numerous rejections, it only takes a couple of “yes” responses to propel us to new heights. For instance, imagine talking to 20 people daily and receiving 18 rejections, but those two affirmations can catalyze your advancement.

A no today just means not yet. And maybe you can revisit them in the future.

Fear of Rejection

Being afraid of rejection is similar to fearing failure, but rejection involves internalizing fear. When you approach someone and they dismiss or decline your request, it can make you feel rejected. Many people dislike the personal sting of rejection. However, it's important to understand that in life, you will encounter rejection, and you must find the strength to move forward despite it.

Afraid to Knock on Doors

Why are we afraid to knock on doors? I'm not referring to literal door-knocking but rather the fear of opportunities presenting themselves and requiring us to take action. We must engage in conversations and effectively communicate our ideas. Initially, you might struggle to articulate your business clearly, but with practice and personal growth, you'll become more proficient at expressing yourself. Make it a daily practice and seek constructive criticism to refine your pitch, enabling you to seize opportunities as they arise.

Additional Fear: Fear of Success

Another fear that affects many individuals is the fear of success. Overthinking can lead to believing that any recognition received for your efforts and achievements is undeserved. Conquer this fear by reassuring yourself that you are capable of handling success and embracing it wholeheartedly.


Why is hustle important in business?

Having a hustle mentality is crucial for entrepreneurs. It means actively seeking opportunities and taking the initiative to achieve our goals.

As entrepreneurs, we often have the freedom to set our own deadlines and goals. It's essential to establish targets like – to get more clients. Five new clients in a month and work towards them.

So, in the next 30 days, what are you hustling for in your business? What is the specific goal you're determined to achieve?

When Will Your Business Grow Fastest?

The key is to overcome your fear of rejection. Repeat the affirmation, “I'm not afraid of getting rejected,” out loud five times. Gradually, shift your mindset to a place where you feel confident having numerous conversations without fearing rejection. Remember, every rejection simply means “not yet.” By embracing this mindset, you'll attract more clients and witness the growth of your business in no time.

When You Nailed a Client, NOW WHAT?

Human Resources Concept, Magnifier And People Icon On Purple Background, Business Leadership Concept

To get more clients, it's important to exceed their expectations.

Imagine you're a freelancer offering graphic design services, and a client orders 7 Instagram images from you. Instead of just delivering the promised 7 images, go above and beyond by providing them with 10 images. This extra effort will surprise and delight your client.

My sister, Lorette, follows this strategy. Whenever she receives an order for 7 images, she delivers 10. And if the client requests 10 images, she goes further and provides 13.

By adding 2-3 additional images as an unexpected bonus, you can overdeliver and show your clients how much you value their business. Send them a message expressing your enthusiasm for their business and let them know you've included extra images in the package. This approach helps build stronger relationships with your customers.

Here's another example: Tamica, one of my students, had a one-time job to transcribe for a client. Not only did she complete the transcription with editing and proofreading, but she also included a summary of the transcript. The client was thrilled to receive more than what was initially agreed upon, and as a result, she hired Tamica on a retainer basis for all her future work. She even praised Tamica's services to others, leading to more referrals.

Remember the wise words of Napoleon Hill: “Always overdeliver!” Make such a positive impact that your clients can't help but talk about you, refer you, and leave glowing reviews. Whether you run a digital agency or are a real estate investor, find ways to go the extra mile. For example, if you promise to purchase a homeowner's property within 45 days, aim to complete the process in just 20 days to provide them with their money sooner. By consistently overdelivering, you'll witness the growth, expansion, and multiplication of your business.

Turn Adversity into Appointments

Consider one of the challenges your clients face, and transform it into an opportunity by providing valuable support that can lead to securing more clients.

Most People Don’t Stop to Listen

Do you know the challenges your potential clients face? How can you provide solutions?

Start by actively listening to their concerns and affirm that you are genuinely paying attention. Then, offer a solution.

Let's take an example of Andy, who has a website but is struggling to set up an autoresponder and connect it to collect names and email addresses. He's frustrated because despite having good traffic, he can't capture the necessary information. What steps would you take to help him?

You might respond like this: “Okay, Andy, I hear you. It's truly unfortunate that you're facing this issue, and I empathize with your frustration. It seems that on your landing page, you want to gather names and email addresses, but the autoresponder hasn't been set up correctly. As a result, when people enter their information, it's not being captured anywhere. Consequently, you're unable to build your email list. Am I understanding the situation correctly?”

By actively listening and demonstrating your understanding, you show that you value your potential client's concerns. It enables you to analyze the problem and determine how best to provide a solution.

How Can You Stand Out and Get More Clients?

In a competitive market, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd to get more clients. Here are some keys to achieving this.

  • Professionalism
  • Be Prepared
  • Look Great (dress for success/well-groomed)
  • Pay attention to your communication – the power is in the tongue
  • Talk to more people



Maintain a professional image on your personal and business social media pages. Ensure your online presence reflects a polished and credible appearance.

Be Prepared:

Always come prepared for meetings and interactions with different individuals. Research the business, its products or services, owners, and current employees. Take the time to search for online reviews. Being well-prepared sets you apart from others.

Look Great:

Dress for success and maintain a well-groomed appearance. The way you present yourself matters, as people form judgments based on your professionalism. Avoid attending appointments wearing flip-flops; instead, opt for formal attire. Your attire communicates who you are and conveys your ambitions.

Pay Attention to Communication:

Remember, the power lies in effective communication. Pronounce your words clearly and avoid rushing through conversations. Preparation is key to confident communication. Understand that effective communication plays a crucial role in how potential clients perceive you. It's not about achieving perfection in grammar or speech, but rather recognizing the impact of your words.

Talk to More People:

To grow, expand, and multiply your business, engage in conversations with more people. The more you communicate and connect with others, the greater your chances of attracting new clients.