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Clock in, Clock Out

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Todays topic is inspired by the absolute necessity to take control of our financial destinies and how it will affect you and the generations to come in the long run. I chose this topic because I personally believe that we get lost in the corporate world of working for others but forget that we have to take care of ourselves and manifest the greatness inside of us all. At some point we have to branch off from working for other people and decide that we are going to take responsibility for our own lives and in harsher words stop being slaves to the people above us.

It’s crucial as human beings that we stay in a progressive state of mind and not become stagnated in our ongoing activities to becoming successful. Just too clear things up, success isn’t having a truck load of money, nor big houses and fancy cars.

Success is simply fulfilling exactly what you define as success and being completely satisfied with the results of having made mistakes and conquering the odds to reach the level of success you perceive in your own being. I ask that you not become confused as to what success looks like because it’s simply what you perceive in yourself as fulfillment and achievement in your own world of thought. Now that we have cleared that up lets dig in.

We all start off working for others in various job places to create monetary means for ourselves to manage our lives, provide for our family and loved ones and to enjoy the luxuries that each and every one of us deserve. Few of us branch off from this stagnation and too many of us flow like molasses within the clock in and out lifestyle.

Three months ago a thought came to me that as we clock into these corporate jobs we develop  a state of mind that we will report to duty while on the clock and “work hard” but when we clock out we become stagnated and stop performing because we have grown dependent upon other people to provide our financial well being. When we leave the work place it’s as if we have no sense of direction and lose complete desire to create a life for ourselves.

There are numerous reasons why this happens to us but I truly believe it’s a lack of wanting it bad enough for ourselves, our family, friends and loved ones. It’s not that we take pleasure in suffering nor take pleasure in being fearful but we find comfort in not having taken the risk and keeping quiet than facing potential success and theoretical humiliation or embarrassment for having a mind of our own.

There is no excuse for not being self made and a driven entrepreneur; in fact it is your duty to provide job creation, an abundance of income for your business associates, your family or loved ones and generations to come to give them all a head start in life.

This is how you become successful and I promise if you follow this formula you will manifest your destiny and achieve all things. I’m speaking from a developing mind on my way to success in the form I perceive it as. Here is the formula: “Consider yourself  nothing and those you have yet to encounter everything” What does this mean?

It’s simple, don’t concern yourself with yourself so much with your status or what you have accomplished that you forget to mold paragons (Diamonds) around you. “Paragons are a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.” People it is so simple if you received the message that was just written here it will be portrayed to you as this.  Pour out into others and make them your first priority and YOUR success will be added unto you in great abundance because paragons do not forget how they arrived in their abundance. In greek diamonds derived from the word “adamas” which means unbreakable or unalterable.

All I ask of all of you is this, pour out into others and set a foundation for them to be unbreakable and unalterable and you will enjoy life beyond measure. We complicate life way too much and make so many excuses as to why we can’t perform, but I’m here to tell you that if we sacrifice who we are today to be who we desire to be tomorrow then we will truly be the definition of unbreakable and in result become unalterable.

I can only hope that this post has inspired you in some way to change your life and manifest your destiny as I’m not able to force you to create change, but I’ll leave with this bit of wisdom.

If you do not take action today what will it cost you tomorrow? Again, Consider yourself nothing and those you have yet to encounter everything.

I wish you nothing but the up most successes





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