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Have you heard that phrase before?

This is a new year, new ideas, new beginging, new MONEY!

How can you make this year better than the year before?

As many of you know, we live on the beautiful island of Jamaica and the food here is delicious!

One of the common foods eaten here are “patties” – they are a regular thing, kind of like a McDonald's burger.

Well, there are four types that you always see – beef, chicken, beef & cheese, vegetarian.

BUT, there is a patty shop in the capital city, Kingston, that sells different ones along with the main ones,  curry goat, fish and shrimp.

They are sooooo good! And everyone loves them. If you are there for lunch, you have to get there early because they ALWAYS sell out – it is like they can't make enough.

WHY? Because they are unique and they are different – nobody else is doing this.

WHY isn't anyone else doing this? I have no idea….

So, when I left the city and went back to the town I live in, I visited our local patty shop and told the manager about the unique patties in Kingston. They laughed at me and said, we don't do that!

I said, well you should! You've been selling the same patties here for years, the menu hasn't changed – ever!

She said, that is what people know us for, and it's ok.

Now, I go there a couple times a month, the patties are ok, I would never go out of my way to get one. There is nobody rushing there for lunch to make sure they are not sold out.

It is just the same boring thing every day, when I go to the patty shop, there are usually 2-3 people in there, and the workers are just sitting around playing on their phones.

Now, think about this for your business….

“If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.”

The patty shop in the small town will keep doing what they are doing for YEARS and never expand, never grow, never get better than they are now, which is a shame.

The patty shop in Kingston on the other hand, stepped out on a limb and did something DIFFERENT and it paid off!

What are you going to change this year ?

What can you do different?

How can you stand out from the crowd?

How can you get people rushing to you to make sure you are not sold out ?

Think about it, implement it and let us know about your success!



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2017 Planning Webinar for Marketers.

View the recording HERE

Download the powerpoints HERE



As marketers it's important to have a tool box of the best tools and apps that can help you to be more efficient and effective.  We have identified some of the top tools that we will be using in 2017 and we are sharing them with you!  If you want us to check out another tool you recommend and add it to this list, please tell us in the comments below!

Here are the tools we can't live without in 2017.

0. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is a great tool for mind mapping!  If you haven't tried mind mapping before, this tool is easy to use and will get you on the path to being a mind mapping guru! Note: the basic plan is FREE and allows you to create 3 mind maps.

1. Canva.com
 Canva is the ultimate tool for creating amazing graphics!  The tool is so simple to use it can turn just about anyone into a designer overnight.  I mostly use canva for Social Media graphics but it has many templates including templates for ebooks, posters, flyers, business cards, logos, blog graphics and so much more!  Try it today!  TIP: Some of the images have a cost associated with them.  If you pick a template that is not listed as free, delete the image and it will change the template to free.  I then get free royalty free images from Pixabay and Unsplash and upload them into Canva.

2. Grum

Grum is my favorite tool for scheduling Instagram posts!  The one thing to remember for Instagram scheduling is to add hashtags!  Hashtags are so important!  The next tool on this list is a Hashtag Finder – see below….

3.  Hashtag Finder ( Iqta.gs) 

It can be time consuming to find popular hashtags to include with your posts, so we have a great hashtag finder tool that allows us to grab popular hashtags.  I mainly use this tool for Instagram, but it's very helpful for Twitter use as well.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has one of the best reputations among Social Media scheduling tools!  If Social Media is important to you ( AND IT SHOULD BE ), you need to use Hootsuite!

5. IFTTT ( If This Than That )

If you have ever taken a class in computer programming then you know that the express “If This Than That” means!  If you have never taken a class in programming then all you need to know is that this tool allows you to set automations that you never thought were possible!  Here's an example: If you send out a tweet on Twitter, add the tweet to a google doc.  or  If you post on Instagram, send that post out as a tweet.  Check out their website and learn more about it -> Click Here

6. Evernote

Evernote is my favorite tool for saving my notes across all my devices!  I use evernote when I'm at seminars to store my notes, I integrate evernote with Google Docs …. check out Evernote!

7. Google Doc's

We use google docs for everything!  Because  have a large international team, some of which are virtual

8. Teamwork

Teamwork is am awesome Project Management Tool.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • One centralized location
  • Include certain team members on specific projects
  • All files, correspondence together for each project
  • Create different “threads”
  • Email notifications on updates
  • Set milestones, calendar
  • Mobile app

9. JingProject

Jing project allows you to record your screen and your voice to make great screen capture videos.  It has limitations, but you can use the free version to communicate with your team!  If you have a budget for screen capture software I recommend Camtasia, which is owned by the same company as JingProject.

10. Emailgame

Do you have a lot of email and need to make a game out of clearing it out?  Try out “The Email Game”  – it makes answering your emails fun!

11. Royalty Free Photo sites

There are lots of royalty free photo sites on the internet, but the ones we love the most are Pixabay and Unsplash!

12. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a great tool to easy manage your to do list!  Best of all .. it's FREE!

13. Grammarly

We ALL need some grammar help …. so … the free tool that I use is called Grammarly!  It's definitely the #1 free tool for spelling and grammar checking and it's chrome extension is a must have.  Check out Grammarly today –> CLICK HERE

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Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over doesn't mean that you shouldn't have promotions running for your products! Here are 4 great ways to promote your business and make more sales:


A free gift with your purchase always work! Recommended – give a free gift with a dollar value purchase and make it very prominent. You'll be pleasantly surprised with how many people will work up to that dollar value to earn the FREE GIFT!

Here's an example from Victoria Secret. They are offering a free blanket with every $75 purchase. The photo is amazing, the blanket looks great …


..and if we look on their website to see how much a blanket like this would cost we find some similar ones at $59.95!


So, now we are convinced that we should spend $75 to get this free blanket that is probably at least $59.95. What this offer does is that it makes the customer feel like that have gotten such a good deal … and this good deal is too great to pass up!


Everyone loves Free Shipping! Because Free Shipping still costs you ( the business owner ), make sure your free shipping is associated with a minimum quantity order. For example “Free Shipping on all orders over $35!”

According to Wikipedia: Free shipping is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers.

Free Shipping is such a remarkable tactics that it has its own day!


( Note: Image above is from Wikipedia )

Anytime is a great time to offer Free Shipping – but it's great to focus on a “reason” to have Free Shipping. For example, the end of the year sale, Christmas Sale ( any holiday ), the businesses anniversary, etc.


Taking a percentage off of a purchase is one of the most common discounts. You will look at what percentage off you can give based on 2 things.

  1. What is your profit margin on the product? If you don't want to lose money on the discount, please make sure that you understand your profit margins.
  2. How hard are you really trying to drive sales? A small percentage off ( 5% off 10% off ) is attractive but it's not going to drive a flood of sales quickly. Larger percentages off (50% off and more) drive sales quickly and get consumers excited!

Dollar Value Discount

Dollar value discounts feel like they have a very great value. My favorite example of this is the store Khols. When you purchase something from Khols they will give you Kohl's Cash. This voucher has a true dollar value and you feel like if you don't spend it you will be throwing money out the window! In order to earn Kohl's Cash, you have to spend a certain amount of money. Kohl's gets me every time! I always spend what I need to spend to earn my Kohl's cash … and I always come back to spend my Kohl's Cash!

So, what are you offering in order to drive more sales into your business? Consider one of these 4 options:

1. A Free Gift 2. Free Shipping 3. Percentage Off Discount 4. Dollar Off Discount

Have fun and make more sales!

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My ads keep getting denied because I have more than 20% text in them … so I found the Facebook Grid Tool and I'm using it.  I thought it was useful so I am posting it here!
Here's what facebook says:
” Ads that have more than 20% of text in their image won't be approved to run in News Feed. Too much text can look like spam and make people think that your ad is low quality. Make sure to use the headline and body of your ad to tell people more about why you're advertising and what you want them to do.
“Upload an image .. to see how much text you're using. After you upload an image, we recommend marking five boxes on the grid in order to determine whether your creative is likely to be acceptable to show in News Feed. “

Click HERE to check out the Facebook Grid Tool

Click HERE to read Facebook's Advertising Guidelines

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We are really focusing on list building this year… and we are encouraging you to as well.

” .. you get paid by the emails you send out!”

When you have you have your own list,  you don't get paid by the hour, you get paid by the emails you sent out!

” .. the benefits will show up in your bank account!”

I can say that every time I send out an email with an offer in it, I make money.  Can you?  If you cant say that you can make money by sending out emails, then you are missing the boat.  You need to keep building and nurturing your list … the benefits will show up in your bank account.

“..you can do it too!”

Listen, we all are in marketing and we all get emails promoting stuff, and we buy it.  So you know that someone is making money off of you being on their list.  The fact that someone is making money from you being on their email list is proof that you can do it too.

ok… well there's my speech today on list building!  Throughout 2013 I'll post different strategies that we are using for list building.

To  your success,


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Todays topic is inspired by the absolute necessity to take control of our financial destinies and how it will affect you and the generations to come in the long run. I chose this topic because I personally believe that we get lost in the corporate world of working for others but forget that we have to take care of ourselves and manifest the greatness inside of us all. At some point we have to branch off from working for other people and decide that we are going to take responsibility for our own lives and in harsher words stop being slaves to the people above us.

It’s crucial as human beings that we stay in a progressive state of mind and not become stagnated in our ongoing activities to becoming successful. Just too clear things up, success isn’t having a truck load of money, nor big houses and fancy cars.

Success is simply fulfilling exactly what you define as success and being completely satisfied with the results of having made mistakes and conquering the odds to reach the level of success you perceive in your own being. I ask that you not become confused as to what success looks like because it’s simply what you perceive in yourself as fulfillment and achievement in your own world of thought. Now that we have cleared that up lets dig in.

We all start off working for others in various job places to create monetary means for ourselves to manage our lives, provide for our family and loved ones and to enjoy the luxuries that each and every one of us deserve. Few of us branch off from this stagnation and too many of us flow like molasses within the clock in and out lifestyle.

Three months ago a thought came to me that as we clock into these corporate jobs we develop  a state of mind that we will report to duty while on the clock and “work hard” but when we clock out we become stagnated and stop performing because we have grown dependent upon other people to provide our financial well being. When we leave the work place it’s as if we have no sense of direction and lose complete desire to create a life for ourselves.

There are numerous reasons why this happens to us but I truly believe it’s a lack of wanting it bad enough for ourselves, our family, friends and loved ones. It’s not that we take pleasure in suffering nor take pleasure in being fearful but we find comfort in not having taken the risk and keeping quiet than facing potential success and theoretical humiliation or embarrassment for having a mind of our own.

There is no excuse for not being self made and a driven entrepreneur; in fact it is your duty to provide job creation, an abundance of income for your business associates, your family or loved ones and generations to come to give them all a head start in life.

This is how you become successful and I promise if you follow this formula you will manifest your destiny and achieve all things. I’m speaking from a developing mind on my way to success in the form I perceive it as. Here is the formula: “Consider yourself  nothing and those you have yet to encounter everything” What does this mean?

It’s simple, don’t concern yourself with yourself so much with your status or what you have accomplished that you forget to mold paragons (Diamonds) around you. “Paragons are a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.” People it is so simple if you received the message that was just written here it will be portrayed to you as this.  Pour out into others and make them your first priority and YOUR success will be added unto you in great abundance because paragons do not forget how they arrived in their abundance. In greek diamonds derived from the word “adamas” which means unbreakable or unalterable.

All I ask of all of you is this, pour out into others and set a foundation for them to be unbreakable and unalterable and you will enjoy life beyond measure. We complicate life way too much and make so many excuses as to why we can’t perform, but I’m here to tell you that if we sacrifice who we are today to be who we desire to be tomorrow then we will truly be the definition of unbreakable and in result become unalterable.

I can only hope that this post has inspired you in some way to change your life and manifest your destiny as I’m not able to force you to create change, but I’ll leave with this bit of wisdom.

If you do not take action today what will it cost you tomorrow? Again, Consider yourself nothing and those you have yet to encounter everything.

I wish you nothing but the up most successes




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Today I and Lorette went out to the Farmers Market and picked up some nutritious foods to juice up and put into our systems to replenish our bodies. So what was today's learning experience? The importance of taking care of your body starting from the inside out because what’s life without proper health?

You must start on the inside of your body if you ever expect to drop that weight, bring out that six pack or live a healthier lifestyle. A year or so ago  I was extremely unhealthy from smoking cigarettes to eating junk foods on a regular basis and consuming the least amount of water I possibly could.

Today that lifestyle is over and I consume anywhere from 3 to 6 cups of water a day, workout 6 days a week (at least I try to haha) and properly consume the right foods for my body to thrive! Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying these things to show off or boast in the fact I’m doing better than most, the point of this blog post is to get the point across that we all need to live healthier lifestyle for our friends, family, loved ones and last but not least ourselves.

I just want to hit a few things on the head to bring to life the importance of being health conscious:

  • By the year 2023 the obesity rate is expected to climb to 51% in North American (That’s more than half of the United States considered obese)
  • More than one-third of the U.S. adults are considered obese (That’s 35.7%) and approximately 17% or (12.5million) children  and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese
  • Studies show that young adults who frequently attend religious activities are 50% more likely to become obese by middle age compared with those who don’t take part in any religious events.
  • If obesity continues the projection of diabetes’s will raise to 7.9 million new cases a year compared to 1.9 million the recent years including 6.8 million new cases of chronic heart disease and stroke

See ladies and gentlemen I could easily throw facts out there all day long and stress the importance of getting healthy but that isn't enough is it? You’re exactly right that’s not enough and that’s why I’m going to give you solutions and not just something to think about.

So today challenge yourselves to be more health conscious and to develop a burning desire to attain the body you have always wanted for 90 days at a time! I invite all of you to join me on a 90 day weight loss and fitness Challenge to lose weight, get fit, or maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Even beyond that I challenge you all for 90 days to LIVE! Not just exist, I challenge you to be bold, strong, and enthusiastic and better human being overall. Join me here

See you on the other side of living,

Joshua Montoya

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Hey all you successful entrepreneurs, today was another eventful day here in Orlando with Alicia and Lorette as we all went to Success 2012 Seminar to learn some of the cutting edge information taught by their superstar speakers! Success 2012 Seminar gives you and your entrepreneurial team some of the freshest information such as:

  • Time Management Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Goal Achievement
  • Sales Training
  • Negotiation
  • Finances
  • Investing
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Spiritual Success
  • Business Strategies
  • Motivation
  • Communications

Success 2012 was an energetic learning environment packed with likeminded generational leaders all chasing the same goal: “SUCCESS.” The place was filled with kids, teenagers, young adults and adults; some of the star speakers included Les Brown, Michael J. Fox, Mikhail Gorbachev, Steve Forbes, Tom Hopkins, Suze Orman, Shaquelle O’Neal, Bill Cosby and so many more.

My take away from the event was to open my mind to not think, but know you are already in possession of what it is you desire. Through visualizing what it is you want you are already in ownership of your burning desire; all that is left is a physical manifestation that will take place through your actions in your search to develop your physical possessions.

At Success 2012 Seminar I had the pleasure to meet with one of the world’s famous motivational speakers. Can you guess who it is? I’ll give you a hint “Mrs. Mamie Browns Baby Boy”

That’s right! Mr. Les Brown was introduced to me by Alicia and Lorette at the event we attended. Les  Brown was third to take the stage and left us with a powerful message that rattled our cores “ Wanting  something is not enough you. You must be hungry for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” In other words you must develop a burning desire for what you want and keep your vision fueled by that desire and allow absolutely NOTHING to get in the way of your goal.

The events that occurred today were unexpected and left me with more than just hope, but certainty in the forwarding of my future and the development of my business. If I leave you all with anything to meditate on today it’s this “It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared” –Les  Brown

Until Next Time!

Joshua Montoya

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Hey everyone! Today marked the first day here in Orlando as Alicia and I headed off to Ft. Lauderdale to a MasterMind Meeting at the Riverside Hotel. This was my first MasterMind Meeting I’ve ever attended; it was such a great learning experience and I’m ready to share so let’s dig in.

MasterMinding is all about helping others grow their business while growing yours at the same time through shared discussion and strategic ideas. If more businesses could take the time out of their day once a month to discuss problems in their businesses like these wise ladies/gentlemen have and are willing to implement round table solutions the business world would be much more advanced.

At the meeting everyone went around sharing their problems in their businesses. For Example,  One of Alicia’s biggest problems in her business is keeping track of all the deals everyone is running and the success they are having. So everyone went around the room sharing ideas on how to solve her problem such as:

  • Software solutions
  • WordPress plugins
  • Contest strategies

There wasn't a scarcity attitude in the room at all; everyone was very open with their business strategies which surprised me. My first thought was why would you share your secrets that’s generating you residual income in your business for free? Then it dawned on me that everyone wanted to sincerely help one another grow in their businesses and succeed with one another to the finish line.

Masterminding is for the movers and shakers in the business/marketing world. One guy there spoke to the group with this message and I quote “Everyone wants long term results but they are doing things  that are short term” In just a few words that made me realize that these guys are all here on one mission and that’s to  succeed by any means with one another.

At the meeting I was introduced to some brilliant minds and intellectual thinkers that were all for my advancement in the Internet Marketing World. Actually Internet Marketer “Seth Larabee” gave me access to his Facebook training program to get the cutting edge information to market on Facebook.

Masterminding taught me that business is a shared responsibility among those few that choose to live a few years of their lives like most won’t so that they may spend the rest of their lives like most can’t.





Stay Tuned!

Joshua Montoya

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Hi! I’m Joshua Montoya an up and coming Internet Marketing Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker. For the next 30 days I will be working with Alicia Lyttle and Lorette Lyttle. I will be learning various aspects of internet marketing and implementing this learning experience into my own life and others lives. My goal is to build a reputable online presence, a mailing list, and to reach you – my audience. I’ve always wanted to build my own businesses, generate residual income for myself to pour back into the entrepreneurial community and fight this war on debt. These next 30 days will lay that foundation for me. I’m excited! Join me on my journey.


So what will I be doing for the next 30 days?

Well, I’ll be working with them in their business; I’ll be attending events with them, mastermind meetings, assisting on some new exciting projects they're launching, helping them to get ready for an upcoming event in Orlando and anything else they throw at me! I will also be working on my businesses under their guidance.

We will be creating an online presence for myself (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and branding myself as a reputable internet marketer) I will be reviewing different events, people and places we go and writing about my experiences here. My experience at the event or with the person or place; I’ll be asking myself these questions:

  • What did I learn and how has this experience changed you?
  • How do you now feel having this knowledge?
  • What are you going to do with this experience?
  • Now having gone through this experience and interview how are you now going to conduct your life around what you have learned?

Also I will be assisting them in their main training program and business: Deal Site Profits. This is where Alicia & Lorette help local businesses by helping them to get on Deal Sites like Groupon or Living Social. They always have a ton of deals running, so I’m going to learn this model for myself! I’m going to assist them in this business by getting hands on as far as submitting deals, structuring deals, supporting their students and clients, managing their leads program, etc. They also teach their methods to entrepreneurs and I’m going to be assisting them in some of their training as well. Because I’ll be doing deals with them, I’ll be in a great position to teach others what I’ve learned.

In this time period I will be working on 3 book projects that Alicia’s helping me on. I will start by recording audios, which will be transcribed – for three books that I have in mind as follows:

“Raising your grandchildren” (Story targeted toward grandparents who are raising grandchildren that their children gave up to them and are now in need on how to rear these children in the right direction in the generation that we are currently living in today. This book will also come from two perspectives, The perspective of the child and the perspective of the grandparent.. How the child reacts to not having his real parents around and how it feels being raised by grandparents and how the grandparents feel towards the child, the parent and the role they now have to play in the fiasco of raising a child in this generation)


“Feeling Abandoned” (How do you cope with not having your REAL mom and dad around? Even if you have a fatherly and motherly figure raising you whether it’s your aunt, cousin, grandparents, uncle whoever… How do you get over the fact that your Dad doesn’t love you? Your Mom doesn’t love you? How do you conquer these feelings of feeling abandoned? How do deal with the truth or lies you have heard about your real parents?


“11 days of change” This is the story of the life I lived in Baltimore, Maryland that ultimately led me down a road of having to choose between living for Christ and doing right or being seduced by the world and living by it's stanards. I thought following the crowd and not thinking for myself would ultimately lead me to a life of luxury and success because that’s what I saw in the lives of those who are famous and are able to live like rockstars (What a large misconception I had) and not get in trouble. I lived in Baltimore, Maryland from the age of 16 to 20 and in those 4 years I got myself into a lot of bad business from hanging out with the wrong crowd of people and entertaining a life of destruction and corrupt behavior.  The point of this story is to reach out to the younger and older generation of people who are lost in the world of fantasy taking them no where but down, and to give them a different perspective of life so they know that where they are right now in this moment does not define where they are tomorrow! We do not have to keep perpetuating this cycle and wasting away our generations.

Sounds like a lot to accomplish in 30 days right? Well I’ll be posting my journey here every day as a guest blogger on Alicia & Lorette’s blog. So keep in touch, follow my journey and I hope that we can inspire and motivate each other.


Lets Have Some Fun,

Joshua Montoya

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I was interviewed on “Be Legendary” with Dave VanHoose and Co-Host Kristen White

They asked some great questions on what it means to ‘Be Legendary', and what's I've been up to .. traveling the world…

Alicia Lyttle on “Be Legendary” with Dave VanHoose and Co-Host Kristen White


To listen to the show: Click here




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Recently Lorette & I did a webinar for our students teaching them how to get started with Google + Business Pages.  The presentation was called: Google + Business Pages ; Creating a page brings you closer to your customers, fans, and followers on Google+.

Everyone was able to get set up quickly and we have the slides available or you to view.

You can view them online at slideshare by clicking on the images below:

We also made a very useful checklist to have handy when you are getting your Google + Business Pages set up.

Remember to … Add us in your circles by Clicking HERE.

So, view the documents on slideshare, and if you would like me to send you these slides to share with your students, in your membership site, etc. please let me know by posting a COMMENT on this post.  I will send you the checklist in a format you can edit, and the powerpoint so that you can add it as well.

Looking forward to our comments!

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Lorette and I just want to take a quick minute to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy new year!

Here's a video we commissioned just for you …

… and of course now I reveal where we got this done..
and you already know the answer www.fiverr.com!

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So, Facebook allows you to have an incredible amount of freedom within a Fan Page.  This is for good measure.  You see Facebook sells Pay Per Click advertising which is a huge profit center for them.  The longer people are on Facebook, the more valuable the Pay Per Click advertising becomes.  So Facebook encourages complete creativity when it comes to Fan Pages in order to increase this time.

1.  Graphics – The Side Bar Graphic is a perfect place to create a strong call to action.  Consider including an arrow to like the page or pose a question that has the answer revealed in the iFrame portion of your website.

2.  The Reveal tab is a graphic which “Hides” your page and the only way a viewer can see the rest of the iFrame page is by “Liking” your page.  You can even have a video in your Reveal Tab.  The Reveal tab can be a HUGE call to action which builds your pages credibility.  The more likes, the more credibility.  The more credibility, the more chance of converting a prospect.

3.  iFrames – Your website within Facebook.  Did you know that less than 10% of businesses have a Fan Page?  And most who do, don't even ask for an email address to build their lists. Facebook allows you to have anything that is on a website within a Fan Page.  This is very powerful when it comes to branding yourself or selling products and services from a Fan Page.  Facebook even allows you to have your own URL that can be keyworded and can even have page ranking in Google.  There are Thousands of businesses who are leveraging Facebook for more leads and more revenue.  In fact, in our upcoming webinar, we'll reveal how your Facebook Fan Pages can actually rank in Google on page one organically.

For more on facebook pages and iframes… watch this online presentation: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle



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Now there are some great tools out there to publish your posts across multiple networks, but I wanted to highlight this application because it integrates with the platform you are already using.  I will show you some samples below.

Now the name of the application is called IMorse:

Once I loaded the application (which was simple) and then i logged into facebook I see that I now have the opportunity to post my facebook posts on Google + or Twitter!  Sweet!


And then I went over to Twitter and saw that I had the oppurtunity there to send my twitter posts to facebook and google + .  Double Sweet!

Anyway, if this is something that will make your life easier, then Grab it HERE , it's free and simple to use!  Enjoy today's tip!

P.S. I learned about this from my friend Stu McLaren who always has geeky tips! Thanks Stu.

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UPDATED on 1/18/2012

This post originally provided a review of a system called fbresponse. It was released at the World Internet Summit in London and I put it to work!  It went of the market for a while, but it's back now – and even better.  Check out the product by clicking HERE.

So, fbresponse is a system that allows you to create an optin page very quickly and easily, you tie it into your autoresponder system and when people come to the page it prefills in their information with their facebook information.

Why is this important?

For a few reasons. When someone lands on your optin page,

The don't have to fill in their details, it detects their facebook details and fills it in!

Because it does this it give you a GREAT email for them – an email account you know is most likely their primary email account.

Check out Fbresponse now by clicking HERE.

Now, if you would like to see it in action, go ahead and watch the video below. You will see the page that I set up and how it works!

To look at the page I did, click on the link: http://fastwebsites.fbresponse.com/

If you have any questions please feel free to hit the contact me button on this page.

I definitely give FB response 5 stars (i'm using it!)  I hope you enjoyed my review fbresponse!

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My sister Lorette and I completed a Teen Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Jamaica.  It was sponsored by Camp Millionaire which is a summer camp for teenage entrepreneurs.

Anyway, there were some amazing teens in the room (as well as some great adults who snuck in).   I interviewed two of the kids and here are interviews.  These kids are adorable.

I'll keep you updated as they continue to work on the webpages they started in class!


I'm not sure why this kid looks like he thinks I'm going to bite him!  He just couldn't wait for the interview to be over… you can tell he's saying to himself ‘This chic talks way too much'   lol


Post a comment giving these great kids some encouragement!

To register for Camp Millionaire

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Call-  588-4902


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Lorette and I are did 2 free webinars to teach you how to register you domain name and build a blog before Easter

Here's an overview of what we covered

Webinar 1 – Wed, April 20th – 8pm EST

Understanding Domain Extensions and Exploring New Extensions That Can Grow Your Business and Your Brand & the Extra Tools That Can Help Expand  Your Business !

  • Discussing the oldies but “goodies” – .com, .net, .info, .org,
  • Discussing the newest domain extensions – .me, .co, .mobi, .tv
  • Examples of other businesses and their uses of various extensions
  • Learn about to protect your privacy from fanatic fans
  • Learn how to get real time statistics and how to use the knowledge as power
  • Learn about a great tool that will analyze and show you how to fix it for optimal search engine visibility

Webinar 2 – Thursday, April 21st – 8pm EST

How to Quickly and Easily Set up Your First WordPress Website for The Non-Technical Person

  • Getting your domain name
  • Getting your hosting
  • How to connect the two so they “talk” to each other
  • Easy one step wordpress installation
  • How to make your new website “yours”

The replays will be posted soon!

Thanks to all who attended!