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Passwords and More Passwords…

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Almost every day you are required to remember a password for something…your email, your
bank, your facebook account, your website and more.

With so many different passwords to remember, people have the tendency to make some of the
biggest mistakes when it comes to creating passwords…

1 – You have the same password for almost all of your sites – because it is just
easier to remember

2 – Your password is something personal but easy to figure out, like your birthday,
child's name, significant others name, pets name etc

(did you know that one of the top passwords for women includes something with their
boyfriend/husbands name)

3 – You keep the default password of a website simply because you are too lazy
to change it (like using “password” as your password)

So how can you make your password more secure?

1 – Use more than 15 characters (the more, the better)

2 – Use numbers, special characters and symbols

3 – Includes upper and lower case letters

4- Make sure it is not a common keyboard pattern like 123456

5 – Store your password in a safe place

Here is a cool tool to help you create a strong password


But now comes another problem…

How do you remember such a long and complicated password?

We recommend a free password tool that helps you remember your passwords


Now, take some time and update your passwords, use the free tool to generate a new one and
the other tool to save them for you!


Lorette LyttleLorette Lyttle is the “little” sister of “The Lyttle Sisters”. Lorette can’t stop thinking like a marketer everywhere she goes and loves to write about what she observes  from other businesses , personal experiences and other successful entrepreneurs and how certain strategies can be (or shouldn’t be) integrated in your business. She is also the “geeky” one of the sister clan and pulls out some techy stuff once in awhile and likes to write and share with others who will listen (since Alicia usually just nods her head at the tech talk) !



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  1. I love tools like this that is very useful and handy. When it comes to usernames and passwords, to have a storage in which you can easily access them all is very innovative and time saver.

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