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Why I love facebook groups & why you should use them in your business.

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Yes I said it … I love using Facebook groups in my business, and if you're not using them yet, you should be after reading this post.

Recently I've been using facebook groups more and more!  Here are the top reasons why I am using facebook groups – and why you should consider using them in our business as well.

Right now I have groups for:

  1. My high end coaching and consulting students (closed group)
  2. The attendees of our workshops are in their own group – great for support and follow up! (closed group)
  3. New clients from speaking events (closed group)
  4. Business discussions with partners – I list these as “secret” and they are ideal for posting updates on projects, meeting minutes, and chatting about new ideas, next steps, etc. (secret group)

So what does facebook say about their ‘groups' feature.. read below:

Create a private space
Have things you only want to share with a small group of people? Just create a group, add friends, and start sharing. Once you have your group, you can post updates, poll the group, chat with everyone at once, and more.
Share different things with different people
Groups let you share things with the people who will care about them most. By creating a group for each of the important parts of your life — family, teammates, coworkers — you decide who sees what you share.
Control who sees your group
Secret: Only members can see the group and what members post.
Closed: Everyone can see the group. Only members see posts.
Open (public): Everyone can see the group and what members posts.
Share with the group
  • Post updates, questions, photos, and more
  • Chat with the group
  • Create shared docs
  • Schedule group events

So, start your own facebook group by clicking the link below to get started: https://www.facebook.com/groups

Watch my quick video below to learn more about setting up your first group:



  1. Agree! Great way to communicate with a specific group of people…I especially like it for our coaching students because it becomes a great environment for group support from other members.

  2. I also love Facebook groups. It’s a really good way to connect with people. I just started using it for my online business. I can update there and interact with my customers more!

  3. I too love the Facebook groups. I think its a bit silly not to use Facebook regardless to the type of business you are in because the whole world (well almost) is there.

    One thing with the new Facebook groups that’s been puzzling me is how to suggest people to join instead of just adding them. I have been hesitant to just add people.

    Do you know if there is a way to suggest people to join like the older platform?

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