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Turning Your Knowledge Into Profits! -> Featuring Kunaki.com


Welcome to another edition of Turning Your Knowledge Into Profits!

This week we are going to feature Kunaki.com.  Do you have a product inside you and you wish you could put those videos onto a DVD, or that ebook (or report) on a CD, or that audio onto a CD, without having to order a minimum quantity of 1000 units, or even 100!  What if you just want 5 for the next networking event you are speaking at?

Well, now you can with Kunaki.com .  We have been using Kunaki for years and it's an awesome resource for making quick Cd's and Dvd's.  If you are a speaker, author, infoprenuer, networker, etc.  now's the time to make your product!

Here a screen shot of 3 of the dvd's in the Kunaki gallery:


So what do ya get?

Retail quality. Full-color, glossy, fully assembled, cellophane-wrapped, high-quality, retail-ready products with free UPC bar codes.

No minimums, commitments, or contracts. And, no setup, mastering, or hidden charges.

No risk. We send you a free review copy of your product.

Fast and simple. Design, configure, and manufacture in one day. Use our software to design your disc, case, inserts; and select your contents.

Order what you need when you need it. We can drop-ship to any address. Just-in-time production means risk-free, zero warehousing costs.

Automatic fulfillment. Use our XML, HTTP, web service, PayPal, CSV, and manual interfaces to manufacture and ship one or more units to your customers.

Publish at no cost to you. Our automated factory also accepts credit-card orders on your behalf to instantly manufacture and ship your products to your customers. We report sales with customer names/addresses to you and send you a check each month for an amount equal to the quantity sold multiplied by the price you set. (This one is big for those new to infoprenuers)

CD with jewel case includes:

  • manufacturing/assembly
  • full color CD printing
  • jewel case
  • full color 2-panel insert
  • full color tray card
  • cellophane wrapping
  • UPC bar code
  • 24-Hour rush manufacturing
  • all inclusive price



DVD with DVD case includes:

  • manufacturing / assembly
  • full color DVD printing
  • DVD case
  • full color 1-panel insert
  • full color DVD case cover
  • cellophane wrapping
  • UPC bar code
  • 24-hour rush manufacturing
  • all inclusive price


Click here to visit Kunaki.com



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  1. This is a great service, the best thing about it is that you don’t have to store any inventory and no minimums AND you can set it up on your website so that when someone orders it automatically sends notification to kunaki and they ship the product, so hands free! The script we used to automate it is http://www.thediscbuddy.com

  2. Looks like a great service and an affordable one. I believe this would be really essential like when you want to compile videos you have created for your business.

  3. Looks like a great service with a good deal. I’d love to try it. What I like about this most is that you can order without a minimum quantity. Thanks!

  4. Great service! I don’t need anything like this yet, but when I do I will be sure to use this service. Few things that i like is the no inventory and the link shared above to automate it, the less work i need to do the better!! 🙂

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