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Alicia, along with her sister Lorette offer a variety of training programs for your online as well as offline business.

fiverrimageHow to Use Fiverr to Make Money Online!

This course is your step-by-step guide to getting started on fiverr.com.  We cover the most important steps in effectively setting up your fiverr business.

We show you examples from our account as a top rated seller and we share with you the tips and tricks that have made us successful on Fiverr.

The course is broken up into sections that are easily consumed.  After each section you take action on what you've learned.  There is also a step-by-step pdf guide to accompany each section!

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Alicia and her sister, Lorette found a way to help suffering local businesses gain new clients and improve their bottom line through the power of Daily Deal Sites. Alicia and Lorette teamed up with a business partner Greg Cesar and created the training program, Deal Site Profits.

Learn more –> http://www.dealsiteprofits.com


  1. Hi Alicia!

    I was at your training session in early October (in Jamaica). Thanks for teaching us how to make money from the internet. I’ve already sold seven (7) gigs, plus I keep getting messages from various persons who want me to write on an ongoing basis for their site!

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Leasha! Wow! Thats awesome, great job! Keep it up, we are proud of you. Your business is on its way to a booming success!

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