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Every WordPress Dashboard has a variety of configuration options to help set up your site to your specific requirements. In this post we are going to review, the “Settings” area in your Dashboard.
I am going to go highlight the settings that you should pay close attention to…

1. General – This is where you would update your sites title and description (make sure it is keyword rich). You would also update the date and time to display on your site.

2 – Writing – Customizing the way your posts are written (recommended to leave all the information as default)
3 – Reading – This area is where you can choose how your website is “read”. You can choose to either show your blog posts on the front page of yours site or even choose a static page for your front  page.
You can also choose how many posts are displayed at one time – for example if you only want to show 5 posts on the front page, simply change the default number to five, and how to adjust RSS syndication feed features to determine how the information from your site is sent to a reader’s web browser or other applications.
Wordpress reading settings
4 – Discussion – In this setting you can control how people interact on your blog. For example, are comments autoposted or approval needed.
wordpress discussion settings

5 – Media – This area is where you can specify the maximum dimensions to use when inserting an image into a post (leave these as default)

6 – Privacy – Choose whether you want your site to be indexed by search engines—like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, or only to your specific visitors, of course you would want to choose the first option to get maximum exposure to your site.
wordpress privacy settings

7 – Permalinks – Create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives.

Please read a previous post on how to correctly set up your Permalink settings.