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When you are creating your blog, you want to make sure people have a way to contact you. Gone are the days to just put your email address at the bottom of your site…

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to click a tab or click a button and fill out a simple form to contact you. The less steps it is for them, the better.

Here are my top two picks for a “Contact Me” plugin for your WordPress Site.

Contact Form 7

This is a FREE plugin that can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

Follow these steps to install this plugin:

1- Download the plugin by visiting the link above

2 – Upload and activate the plugin in your wordpress dashboard

3 – After you activate the plugin, you will see in the left navigation it will say “Contact” and the word “Edit” under it. Click on “Edit” and you will see the screen below.

Copy and paste the code that is highlighted.

4 – Next step is to click on “Pages”, then click on “Add New”. Name the title of the page “Contact Me”. Write any text that you would like on the top of the contact page for instructions on what the visitor should do on this page.

Then paste the code into the page.


5 – Click on “Publish” and you now have your “Contact Me” page! It will look similar to the one below.

This is the most basic format for this form, when you visit the website, you can see more tips and tricks to customize your form (for advance users).

Note: When the email is sent, it will be sent to the email address that is set up as the admin email address.



This is a premium WordPress plugin (meaning you have to pay for it).

This is the “Contact Me” that is floating on the side of this blog…go ahead look at the side of the screen, it says “Contact Me”.

Click on it and see it in action 🙂


This plugin is more than just a form, it helps you manage and track your visitors and your follow up and much, much more.









Follow these easy steps.

1 – Sign up for the subscription (from Free to $7.42 a month) and fill and create a form and fill in your company details.











2 – To integrate it into your site, download, install and activate the plugin

3 – After the plugin is installed, click on the plugin from inside your dashboard and enter in your account details and specify where you want the button to show up (on the top, side etc).

That's it! Now you put an easy and professional way for people to contact you on on your WordPress website.

Have fun!

Lorette 🙂