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This tutorial is going to walk you through how to add a custom menu to the top of your blog/website. Now, keep in mind, this may vary depending on what theme you are using, but this is the generic way to do it and works with almost any theme.

Here are the steps.

1 – Login to your wordpress dashboard and click on “Appearance” then “Menus”

2. You will see a screen like this. First, create a name for your menu and click “Save Menu”

Custom WordPress Menus3. The next step is to choose the pages that you want to appear in your menu. In the bottom left, there will be a list of all the pages that are on your site. Just check the box next to the pages that you want to show up.

Wordpress Custom Menus

4. When you choose the pages, they will show up in your menu area. Each one represents a page that will show up in your menu/navigation.

Wordpress Custom Menus

5. If you would like to create drop down lists, simple click and drag the pages as seen below, then click “save menu”.Wordpress Custom Menu

6. In order for the menu to show up, on the left hand side of the Menu screen, it will ask you what menu do you want to show, choose the name of the menu you just created from the drop down box and click “Save”.

This is what your final menu/navigation would look like.

Wordpress Custom Menu

Have Fun!