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Sync for Google+ & Facebook

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Now there are some great tools out there to publish your posts across multiple networks, but I wanted to highlight this application because it integrates with the platform you are already using.  I will show you some samples below.

Now the name of the application is called IMorse:

Once I loaded the application (which was simple) and then i logged into facebook I see that I now have the opportunity to post my facebook posts on Google + or Twitter!  Sweet!


And then I went over to Twitter and saw that I had the oppurtunity there to send my twitter posts to facebook and google + .  Double Sweet!

Anyway, if this is something that will make your life easier, then Grab it HERE , it's free and simple to use!  Enjoy today's tip!

P.S. I learned about this from my friend Stu McLaren who always has geeky tips! Thanks Stu.