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In this news story by The Telegraph in the UK, Living Social' Managing Director in the UK & Ireland, Peter Briffett gives some insight into Living Social and their strategies in working with Local Businesses.

Peter calls LivingSocial the “Future of Local Advertising.”

In this video you will learn:

– Why LivingSocial focuses on local
– Why their merchant center helps businesses to understand the value of their deal
– How LivingSocial delivers customers to local businesses
– The training culture at Living Social “Whale University”

Our Opinion

We use LivingSocial for our clients and we've seen some of the biggest benefits as being the ability to:

  1. Generating targeted qualified leads
  2. Generating new buyers/customers for their business
  3. Upfront Payments. LivingSocial pays a percentage of the total amount generated approximately 15 days after the deal has run.  This gives the business a nice upfront cash even before the clients have come in to use their ‘voucher'  ( WARNING: Businesses must manage this properly!)
  4. A spike in traffic on average of 2000%
  5. Brand Exposure
  6. A spike in interest and traffic into a retail location (if they have one)
  7. Repeat customers especially when systems are set up for them to return
  8. Increase online reviews

NOTE: We create the opportunities for our clients to leverage the power of daily deal sites.  Deal Sites are not responsible for helping businesses to take advantage of what they can deliver.  We as marketers have to do that for the businesses.

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