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So, Facebook allows you to have an incredible amount of freedom within a Fan Page.  This is for good measure.  You see Facebook sells Pay Per Click advertising which is a huge profit center for them.  The longer people are on Facebook, the more valuable the Pay Per Click advertising becomes.  So Facebook encourages complete creativity when it comes to Fan Pages in order to increase this time.

1.  Graphics – The Side Bar Graphic is a perfect place to create a strong call to action.  Consider including an arrow to like the page or pose a question that has the answer revealed in the iFrame portion of your website.

2.  The Reveal tab is a graphic which “Hides” your page and the only way a viewer can see the rest of the iFrame page is by “Liking” your page.  You can even have a video in your Reveal Tab.  The Reveal tab can be a HUGE call to action which builds your pages credibility.  The more likes, the more credibility.  The more credibility, the more chance of converting a prospect.

3.  iFrames – Your website within Facebook.  Did you know that less than 10% of businesses have a Fan Page?  And most who do, don't even ask for an email address to build their lists. Facebook allows you to have anything that is on a website within a Fan Page.  This is very powerful when it comes to branding yourself or selling products and services from a Fan Page.  Facebook even allows you to have your own URL that can be keyworded and can even have page ranking in Google.  There are Thousands of businesses who are leveraging Facebook for more leads and more revenue.  In fact, in our upcoming webinar, we'll reveal how your Facebook Fan Pages can actually rank in Google on page one organically.

For more on facebook pages and iframes… watch this online presentation: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle