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How to make money with facebook

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In this 90 minute webinar, Lorette and I get the scoop on the most effective strategies for Facebook Marketing from Jim & Emily Graham!  Click on the image below the launch the replay of the webinar!  Get your pen and paper ready – you'll need it – this is an action packaged webinar!

Replay URL: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/

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Alright, lets talk about …. Branding Your Fan Page !

Facebook Fan Pages are constantly changing and there's no better time then now to get started. Pages always seem to be a work in progress, so don't be afraid if your page isn't perfect.  Most people we meet never get to the point of having a Fan Page up and running because of this fear that it's not perfect.  Do Not Worry… Rome was not built in a day… Neither will your Fan Page be…

In October, 2010, Facebook surpassed Google for the number of searches each day.  To respond to this, Google has made every effort to “Crawl” Facebook Pages to increase their searchability in the organic rankings.  The game has changed and here's your chance to have an unfair advantage over your competition.

1.  Your Fan Page should have a consistent look and feel and should try to match other elements of your online marketing efforts.  Logos should match, designs should be similar, content should be consistent through all of your online assets.  Consider using the same graphics with Twitter and YouTube to round out your consistant branding and messages.

2.  Integrate your website content into Facebook and vice versa.  There are ways for your website to have your Fan Page wall integrated right in creating the feel of constant activity.  In addition, you can include in your iFrame RSS feeds from other resources online.  Maybe it's about the weather, or Mortgage news, Local Events, anything that you think your viewers might be interested in.

3.  Create a Tagline for your business.  What is your 10 Second Elevator Speech?  Video is a HUGE way to build your brand.  Could you record a 90 second Infomercial?  Doesn't have to be professional, but should be high quality content.

Alicia, Lorette, Jim and Emily recorded a 90 minute class for you.  In this lesson you will find out more about branding your fan page.  Click the link to watch that free class: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle

P.S. Learn more by watching this free 90 minute online class:  http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


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Today we are going to talk about Dominating Your Niche in Facebook!

Often times we meet clients who are marketing their business online, but not getting any results.  Generally the reason is because the marketing is too broad and unable to compete with some big spenders of Search Engine Optimization services.  Below are some ways that you can easily modify your marketing and begin to dominate over competitors in Facebook.

1.  You have a niche – but are there micro niches that are included?  Example – Golf Instructor –  By having separate Fan Pages relative to “Improving your Short Game”, “Improving your Long Game”, “Club Selection”, “Golf Course Etiquette, even “Healthy Eating to Improve your Handicap”.  These are all topics that are searched widely in Google and if you have fan pages with separate topics, your page will more likely be found.

2.  Facebook is GIVING out URL's!  Get them now… even if you aren't ready to use them yet!  These are keyworded domains like:

http://www.facebook.com/ImproveYourGolfShortGame or  http://www.facebook.com/NewportBeachPlumbing if you are a local business.  Think about the following; if you have a business that can sell anywhere in the United States, create a Fan Page for each major city in the US – there are 100 of them with over 1 million people in each.

3.  Sell products and services that Buyers are BUYING.  It may be more profitable to adjust your offering to meet Buyers demand.  Even a slight change in the way a niche is marketed could alter your profit dramatically.  We will talk more about it on the webinar.

Learn more by watching the online class where we talk more about doinating your niche in facebook.  You can watch the class right now, online for free at: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/

To your success,

Alicia and Lorette Lyttle

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So, Facebook allows you to have an incredible amount of freedom within a Fan Page.  This is for good measure.  You see Facebook sells Pay Per Click advertising which is a huge profit center for them.  The longer people are on Facebook, the more valuable the Pay Per Click advertising becomes.  So Facebook encourages complete creativity when it comes to Fan Pages in order to increase this time.

1.  Graphics – The Side Bar Graphic is a perfect place to create a strong call to action.  Consider including an arrow to like the page or pose a question that has the answer revealed in the iFrame portion of your website.

2.  The Reveal tab is a graphic which “Hides” your page and the only way a viewer can see the rest of the iFrame page is by “Liking” your page.  You can even have a video in your Reveal Tab.  The Reveal tab can be a HUGE call to action which builds your pages credibility.  The more likes, the more credibility.  The more credibility, the more chance of converting a prospect.

3.  iFrames – Your website within Facebook.  Did you know that less than 10% of businesses have a Fan Page?  And most who do, don't even ask for an email address to build their lists. Facebook allows you to have anything that is on a website within a Fan Page.  This is very powerful when it comes to branding yourself or selling products and services from a Fan Page.  Facebook even allows you to have your own URL that can be keyworded and can even have page ranking in Google.  There are Thousands of businesses who are leveraging Facebook for more leads and more revenue.  In fact, in our upcoming webinar, we'll reveal how your Facebook Fan Pages can actually rank in Google on page one organically.

For more on facebook pages and iframes… watch this online presentation: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle



When it comes to Business, Profiles, Fan Pages, and Groups all working together – you can create a viral following on Facebook.

1.  Branding your Personal Profile is extremely important in communicating your message.  We recommend using Graphics and Photos to accomplish this goal.  You see, people buy from people.  And the prospective buyer wants to identify with the seller.  Photos and Graphic help accomplish this.

2.  Imagine having a website within Facebook… with even a legitimate URL, like, facebook.com/poprocks.

If you were selling pop rocks, this is the kind of URL you would want to acquire.  As long as it is available, you can get it…  there are a couple of steps, though.  We went through these steps in an online class.  Here is the recording for that class: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/

3.  The Power of Groups – Groups are a community of “like minded” people sharing ideas, collaborating, and promoting products and services within a specific niche of interested people.  A very powerful piece of Facebook.  Think of Facebook Groups as a type of membership site.  Even documents can be shared amongst the members of a group.  Groups can be open (Public) or closed (Private) where your members must qualify.

So, lets keep learning.  You can watch this free online class to learn more about profiles, fan pages and groups.  http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle


For the next week we are going to be talking about facebook marketing!  It's a hot topic and we all want to know how to cash in on facebook, so you can watch this free video lesson on how to really cash in with facebook marketing: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/

Lesson #1

Facebook made big changes to the profile layout with the focus being on a “Timeline”of everything you do with Facebook, including things you do outside of Facebook.   With this new focus and the adding of a big cover graphic you have new opportunities for some major marketing!

First, the cover graphic is huge!  You now have 850×315 pixels of  prime marketing space where you can add  graphics with text.  Additionally, the Timeline lets you “Feature Stories”, which means your posts promoting your business or an affiliate product can now take center stage instead of being lost among other less significant posts.

Click on the this link: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/ to watch a video that will teach you a little more about the new facebook profiles!


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle