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Have you found a great blog theme that you LOVE but you want to get a custom header created? Maybe the header is a plain color and you want to add your picture or some graphics to it?

The blog theme on this site (www.alicialyttle.com), for example is a free theme with a custom header.

Follow the quick, easy (and low cost – only $5) tips below to get a custom blog header created for your site.

1. Find a theme you like (do some searching in Google) – Type this into Google:

free (put what your are looking for) wordpress theme.

Example: free golf wordpress theme

Download and save the theme to your computer.

2. Go to www.fiverr.com

3. Type in “Blog Header” into the search box or “WordPress Header”

4. You will get a bunch of search results, click on “Rating” to sort your results by the best rated designers

5. Look through the results and pick the best one for the job! Here are two sellers that have great feedback…

6. Now depending on your theme, some themes have an area under “Appearance” in the left navigation of your WordPress site that says “Header Images” and you can upload your new header there. Some themes have specific areas within their theme settings where you can upload your header. Some other themes on the other hand may be a bit confusing, if you are unsure, just hire someone to do it for you (on www.fiverr.com of course)

Just type in “Install blog header” into the search box and find someone that can do this. Here is one that I found with great feedback.

The best part about using Fiverr for your header design, is that the cost is so low you can get a few made by different people and pick the one you like best!

Have fun!