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UPDATED on 1/18/2012

This post originally provided a review of a system called fbresponse. It was released at the World Internet Summit in London and I put it to work!  It went of the market for a while, but it's back now – and even better.  Check out the product by clicking HERE.

So, fbresponse is a system that allows you to create an optin page very quickly and easily, you tie it into your autoresponder system and when people come to the page it prefills in their information with their facebook information.

Why is this important?

For a few reasons. When someone lands on your optin page,

The don't have to fill in their details, it detects their facebook details and fills it in!

Because it does this it give you a GREAT email for them – an email account you know is most likely their primary email account.

Check out Fbresponse now by clicking HERE.

Now, if you would like to see it in action, go ahead and watch the video below. You will see the page that I set up and how it works!

To look at the page I did, click on the link: http://fastwebsites.fbresponse.com/

If you have any questions please feel free to hit the contact me button on this page.

I definitely give FB response 5 stars (i'm using it!)  I hope you enjoyed my review fbresponse!