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My sister Lorette and I went into a sushi restaurant and noticed some nice sushi chopsticks boxes on the wall.

When we asked our server about the boxes he told us that the owner notices repeat clients and gives them one of these boxes with their names on it.  They get to see their name on the box, the explain to them how these chopsticks are special and how they hand wash them and that they will be placed on the wall until the next time they return.

Of course these repeat customers now feel special, they are acknowledged as “VIP's” – and when they bring friends into the restaurant with them – they proudly tell the server they'd like their VIP chopsticks!


What are you doing to make your customers feel like VIPS?

What are you giving them to keep them coming back to you?

What are you giving them as a VIP so they bring their friends to you to brag about their VIP service with you!

Look for opportunities in your business to create VIP experiences!