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My Pink Notebook – Creating A Daily Action Plan To Increase Your Productivity

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Creating A Daily Action Plan

How do you start your day?

Do you know exactly what you need to get accomplished for the day and how you are going to accomplish it?

Or do you feel like you are staring a blank wall and unsure what you need to get done?

In order to increase your productivity and ultimately your profitability, you should make daily action plans on what needs to be done for the day with the ability for you to check off each task as it is completed.

This is what I do that has helped me become more productive and efficient.

First you should determine how you want to manage your “to-do” list – via an online task management system, or even a smartphone app, or with traditional paper and pen.

Personally, I prefer the old school paper and pen – I have a pink spiral notebook that I carry with me everywhere. As it gets filled, I file it away, and get another one.

When I wrap up my day, I sit down and write out what I need to get done the next day.

I organize it by project and write down each task. The key is not to overwhelm yourself, don’t write every little task you have to do for the entire project to be completed. Your task should be things that can actually get done in that day.

As the tasks are completed, just check them off, draw a line through them, whatever you need to show that the task has been successfully completed. The active motion of crossing off a task gives satisfaction and accomplishment, this helps you and motivates you to continue with the rest of the tasks.

The entire goal is to get the tasks out of your head and onto a piece of paper in an organized and reasonable manner so the tasks can get completed. The key is to write it down, get it done, and continue the process each day.

This simple strategy of planning your days the night before will help you become more organized and more productive. These two qualities will ultimately help you in becoming more profitable as well!


Lorette LyttleLorette Lyttle is the “little” sister of “The Lyttle Sisters”. Lorette can’t stop thinking like a marketer everywhere she goes and loves to write about what she observes  from other businesses , personal experiences and other successful entrepreneurs and how certain strategies can be (or shouldn’t be) integrated in your business. She is also the “geeky” one of the sister clan and pulls out some techy stuff once in awhile and likes to write and share with others who will listen (since Alicia usually just nods her head at the tech talk) !


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