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MasterMind Meeting

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Hey everyone! Today marked the first day here in Orlando as Alicia and I headed off to Ft. Lauderdale to a MasterMind Meeting at the Riverside Hotel. This was my first MasterMind Meeting I’ve ever attended; it was such a great learning experience and I’m ready to share so let’s dig in.

MasterMinding is all about helping others grow their business while growing yours at the same time through shared discussion and strategic ideas. If more businesses could take the time out of their day once a month to discuss problems in their businesses like these wise ladies/gentlemen have and are willing to implement round table solutions the business world would be much more advanced.

At the meeting everyone went around sharing their problems in their businesses. For Example,  One of Alicia’s biggest problems in her business is keeping track of all the deals everyone is running and the success they are having. So everyone went around the room sharing ideas on how to solve her problem such as:

  • Software solutions
  • WordPress plugins
  • Contest strategies

There wasn't a scarcity attitude in the room at all; everyone was very open with their business strategies which surprised me. My first thought was why would you share your secrets that’s generating you residual income in your business for free? Then it dawned on me that everyone wanted to sincerely help one another grow in their businesses and succeed with one another to the finish line.

Masterminding is for the movers and shakers in the business/marketing world. One guy there spoke to the group with this message and I quote “Everyone wants long term results but they are doing things  that are short term” In just a few words that made me realize that these guys are all here on one mission and that’s to  succeed by any means with one another.

At the meeting I was introduced to some brilliant minds and intellectual thinkers that were all for my advancement in the Internet Marketing World. Actually Internet Marketer “Seth Larabee” gave me access to his Facebook training program to get the cutting edge information to market on Facebook.

Masterminding taught me that business is a shared responsibility among those few that choose to live a few years of their lives like most won’t so that they may spend the rest of their lives like most can’t.





Stay Tuned!

Joshua Montoya


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