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Social Proof – Five Guys Burgers

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Social Proof – If Everyone Else Loves It Then I Should Too…

Social Proof - 5 guys burgersHave you heard of Five Guys Burgers?

I've heard people talk about it, and how great the burgers are and I've driven by it so many times, so I finally decided to stop one day and have a burger.

First, the location is very simple and they only sell burgers, fries and hot dogs (more about that later), but it was a very welcoming environment.

The reason for this specific post is the power of social proof.

As soon as I walked in the door the entire restaurant was plastered with signs and awards on how great their burgers were! Check out the picture with some of the signs that were on their walls.

Now, when you sit down and start eating your burger, you have these signs all around you.  Do you think that will influence the way you feel about your burger? Of course!

I mean, GQ magazine voted it the best burger for $5, in NYC it was rated the #1 burger for lunch and the list goes on….

So, it will be highly unlikely you are going to sit there and say your burger is gross…everyone else loves it, so you should love it too !

Now how can you translate this into your business?

I am sure you've seen sales letters and sales pages with testimonials on them..and that is because they work! People like to know what other people are thinking and how they feel about that specific product and service. In fact, review sites are popping up more and more these days like Yelp.com and TripAdvisor.com.

Studies have shown that buying decisions are heavily weighted on other peoples opinions.

So if you have testimonials from  happy clients, share them!

Post them on your blog, your website, your facebook page. Depending on your business, make sure you are on review sites like Yelp.com or TripAdvisor.com.  As long as you are providing high quality products and services, positive reviews and the power of social proof will help grow your bottom line!

Oh…and don't forget to take a trip to Five Guys Burgers….and remember, its for market research 🙂


Lorette LyttleLorette Lyttle is the “little” sister of “The Lyttle Sisters”. Lorette can’t stop thinking like a marketer everywhere she goes and loves to write about what she observes  from other businesses , personal experiences and other successful entrepreneurs and how certain strategies can be (or shouldn’t be) integrated in your business. She is also the “geeky” one of the sister clan and pulls out some techy stuff once in awhile and likes to write and share with others who will listen (since Alicia usually just nods her head at the tech talk) ! Learn from Lorette with various posts on Marketing Mondays as well as Tuesdays Tips and Tools.


  1. Hi there,
    Good info. But the town I live in just got a Five Guys and business is not very good. They are in an excellent location and have a huge supermarket for an anchor store. Plus there quite a few employee; retail businesses and government employees around the area.

    I did try their food as soon as it opened as I heard my cousin mentioning how great they were. It was okay, not bad.

    Isn’t it funny how the location you go to really does the business and this one does not.


    Eva Suzuki

    • Hi Eva – That is interesting! Hopefully you will be able to go to one and experience the great food like myself and your cousin have had! 🙂

  2. It’s interesting, because I’ve tried 5 Guys 4 or 5 times “to make sure” of what I thought… and I have to say, there is NOTHING special about the Burger at all!

    Also as you mention, there are all the “glowing” reviews all over the wall (not to mention Free Peanuts) touting how good it is, which is also WHY I went back an extra four (or so ;-)) times, to quadrupally verify! 🙂

    Also, I live in the middle of Downtown Orlando, and right across the street from me, in a very prominent location, a 5 Guys just closed!

    I think the “Health Craze” is winning over enough converts that the Tides are turning too!

    • hey paul – yes, the health craze is winning out pretty good – but you did go back 4 or 5 times just to make sure 🙂 But I’ve never seen a store with so many glowing reviews everywhere!

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