LIMP-Alicia   (pdf of presentation)




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Take Webinar attendees  nonbuyers and Webinar registered but no show and put facebook ads in front of them.  The ad can point to your relay page, automated webinar, or can lay on facebook (cheaper).

To do this go to Power Editor -> Custom Audiences -> Facebook Ad -> Webinar on Facebook (Lead Pages)

Partner With Me

Work with your students and get a % of their deals.

Tell us What You Think

At the end of the webinar, ask them what they thought of the webinar. Use that feedback when sending out ENCORE/REPLAY emails.

45 minutes before:

Send out reminder email before webinar starts. We use to get frantic emails to customer support saying they did not get a reminder from GotoWebinar, so therefore they cannot attend.

At the bottom of the email, give them ability to get instant access. Reduces customer service emails regarding webinar access to almost zero and made it easier for people to join quickly and/or eliminate the need to rely on GTW emails.

www.joinwebinar.com and at the bottom of the GTW emails there is a Webinar ID, just put that Webinar ID in the email.

Facebook Events

Invite All Friend – >  Change name, date, time to keep it in newsfeed, change title and description for the relay, put the replay on FB -> LeadPages

Adding Bonus in Q & A

Add extra exclusive bonuses to what is being sold – entices more sales, reduces refund rate

Mike Cooch:  Mastermind Calls, Tickets to Event

David Sprague: Mastermind Call

Kavit Haria:  We threw in a mastermind

Damion: A challenge to people who ordered, we added a quick start bonus

Welcome Calls


$100 Unlimited Minutes

Upload your contacts, it dials the numbers for you, if no answer leaves a pre-recorded voicemail AND email, if someone answers it will ring your phone to speak to that person.

Makes phone calls much more productive, get more done in less time!

Answering Service


  • Introduce “order hotline” number at the end of the call if people who need additional payment options
  • Service can place the order themselves, or our team calls back – you tell them what information to collect, how to place order, FAQ’s etc

Flat fee per month –   150 minutes – $149.99 up to 800 minutes – $629.99

Affiliate 1:

  • 70% phone conversion
  • 47% of total orders came from phone


Affiliate 3:

  • 100% phone conversion
  • 14% of total orders came from phone


Affiliate 2:

  • 100% phone conversion
  • 100% of total orders came from phone


Affiliate 4:

  • 71% phone conversion
  • 23% of total orders came from phone


Cool Stuff:

ADD A VA TO YOUR OFFER:  ( 40 hours a week.  Make training for the VA's )  [email protected] – Kristin McCoy, U.S Executive Assistant to Daven Michaels

Tel 866.549.1296 x 456  Skype: kristin123Employee

People we can’t live without:

Eli: Records webinars and does ENCORE playback: [email protected] , 352-678-0312

Kevin Parlin: Merchant Processing:  [email protected] , 207-838-9128

Contact Us!

Alicia Lyttle – [email protected] – 734-717-8835

Lorette Lyttle – [email protected] – 502-386-1716




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