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WordPress Wednesday –> Keeping Your Old Blog Posts Alive

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You work hard and write a awesome WordPress post. You send it out to your Facebook fans, maybe send out a Twitter alert, send out an email, people like it and comment on it…but then after awhile it fades away.

How do you keep the traffic comming back to your old posts ?

Here are two plugins that can help.

1. Yet Another Related Post Plugin

This plugin presents the reader of your new blog post with other older posts that are related to your new post. It uses a fancy algorithm that takes into consideration, post title, description, tags, content and categories and calculates a “match score” for your posts.

Therefore, after someone is finished reading your post, then are now presented with related posts. Since they were reading the new post, they are more than likely interested in something related.

2. Tweet Old Posts

If you have a Twitter account, this is a great plugin for you. Tweet Old Posts is a plugin designed to randomly pick your older posts based on the interval specified by you.

You enter in your Twitter account details, then set how often you want your old posts tweeted. You can exclude certain categories as well as add additional text to each tweet. This plugin automates the entire process and does a GREAT job of keeping your old posts “alive”!

Sceenshot below of some of the settings that can be edited to your specific needs.

Thanks Devon at renegadesuccess.com for suggesting this plugin!


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  1. Hi Lorette,
    Thanks for the Tweet Old Post plugin. I just installed it and works fine. Before, I was trying to do it one post at the time. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you for this tip. I always wanted to do this which is why I set my first post as sticky post thinking it would work. But then again, it was totally different..I’m just really new to this WordPress thing,thank you again.

  3. Oh, I like these plugins. Great info!

    I was already using a “related post” plugin, but I’m going to switch and try this one.

    I can’t wait to try the Tweet Old Post plugin.

    Thanks so much!


    • hey mike! it depends on your topic/niche on what you should blog about. each post should vary in length, there is no set length, but don’t make it too long people dont like to read really long posts. this blog is a great example, it is centered around internet marketing but with a variety of different topics.

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