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I’m In New Zealand at The World Internet Summit

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Alicia Lyttle - World Internet Summit

Right now I am sitting in the back of the room at the World Internet Summit writing this post. I just got off stage with the Speaker introductions (see picture below)…wow, I feel really short right now! 🙂

Alicia Lyttle - World Internet Summit

Alicia Lyttle – World Internet Summit – Speaker Introductions

At the World Internet Summit, they do something called the WIS Internet Challenge – they create a product and launch it during the event to show people that you really CAN make money on the Internet.

They ask for everyone (including the speakers) to promote the product and one lucky audience member keeps the earnings. Really creative idea and people love it!

The product that was launched at this event is called Facebook Site Creator. World Internet Summit launches a product at every event and then gives the sales from that product to one lucky person… and the lady who won this year – won over $45,000.00

How amazing!  Make sure you are at the next World Internet Summit.

~Alicia Lyttle




    • Hi Carl – well I know you are good at a lot of things right.. tell me what you are good at and what PROBLEMS you solve for other people!

  1. And you gave one of the best presentations on membership sites and Continuity Cash. I wish I could attend this weekend and will follow your blog and have friended you on Facebook so I can learn remotely.
    You are so genuine

    • Roberta, I appreciate your comments! Thanks so much … It was nice meeting you and I look forward to hearing more about your success! Keep in touch.

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