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WordPress Wednesdays –> How To Hide Your Posts

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WordPress is a great tool for publishing content for the world to see. But what if you want to publish a post and/or page and keep it private, maybe only for friends or family to see?
Or maybe just a specific user group, like coaching clients, or team members? Well, I am gong to show you how to protect your posts and/or page with the use of a passwords or by setting user roles.


First of all, when you write your post and/or page, most people immediately push the blue “Publish” button and then they are done. But there is also an option called “Visibility”. This is by default, set to “Public”. The “Visibility” option is available for both posts and pages.

Click on “Edit” to see your options.
The easiest way to make your posts and/or pages private is to choose the “Password Protected” option.
When you choose that option, you simply enter in a password and share that password with whoever you want to have access to that page.
 The screen shot below is what it would look like for a post and similar for a page.

The other option which is called “Private” makes the post/page only available to other admins or editors of the site.

This is a great function if you are working with others on the post and it needs to be reviewed by other admins or Editors before it is published.

You can add an “Editor” to your site by going to “Users” on your left navigation and choose “Add New”, then add a new user with “Editor” status.

These are quick and easy ways to protect your content. There are more advanced ways to protect your content by using membership site plugins, which we will conver in another post.



But, if you are interested to learn more about membership site plugins for wordpress, we use and recommend WPWishlist.



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