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  1. Off topic, alicia 1) how did you set up your hangout page to look like this – and add your ads on the right and 2) how did you create your lower third to look so slick?

  2. I am trying to structure my first deal for a massage therapist. I looked at her site and it isn’t bad, but before I contact deal sites. I know that groupon requires a website, but does the site need to have certain elements present for consideration on groupon.

    She doesn’t have a budget for web redesign or anything else for that matter and wants to get on a deal site. What should my plan of action be…

  3. I know someone who is part owner of a website selling yoga props plus artwork and jewelry that yoga types would like. They’ve complained of the difficulty being found online. Since it’s really a national market, where could I start them off, so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed? I’m thinking Yip national first, but maybe a mom-type deal site??? (their website is very attractive)

  4. Sorry I can never make this slot. got here and now my daughter is leaving school early and needs me to pick her up. Can you speak to cold calling on lead kahuna re deals

    • you wouldn’t require it … but you could ask them nicely to like the page ( for updates ) – or give them a coupon for future use.

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