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Free Webinars – Get a domain name & build your blog before Easter!

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Lorette and I are did 2 free webinars to teach you how to register you domain name and build a blog before Easter

Here's an overview of what we covered

Webinar 1 – Wed, April 20th – 8pm EST

Understanding Domain Extensions and Exploring New Extensions That Can Grow Your Business and Your Brand & the Extra Tools That Can Help Expand  Your Business !

  • Discussing the oldies but “goodies” – .com, .net, .info, .org,
  • Discussing the newest domain extensions – .me, .co, .mobi, .tv
  • Examples of other businesses and their uses of various extensions
  • Learn about to protect your privacy from fanatic fans
  • Learn how to get real time statistics and how to use the knowledge as power
  • Learn about a great tool that will analyze and show you how to fix it for optimal search engine visibility

Webinar 2 – Thursday, April 21st – 8pm EST

How to Quickly and Easily Set up Your First WordPress Website for The Non-Technical Person

  • Getting your domain name
  • Getting your hosting
  • How to connect the two so they “talk” to each other
  • Easy one step wordpress installation
  • How to make your new website “yours”

The replays will be posted soon!

Thanks to all who attended!



  1. Alicia,
    My wife and I both think you are one of the greatest people we’ve ever met. Your knowledge is exceed only by your conviction to help people and your good heart.
    Bless up to you…and dont stop the great work you do for people…

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