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TGIF! Thank Goodness It’s Free – Join.me

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Online Webinar Service

More and more people are having online meetings these days then ever before. If you are looking for a quick and FREE way to have an online meeting, check out this great resource http://www.join.me

Follow the steps below to get started….

1. Go to http://www.join.me – and click on “Share”, this will install the application on your computer and will go into your Program files.

Online webinar service

Join.me has great features, the expanded list is below. The two features that I think are the biggest benefits of using this service are:

1. You get a free conference line – phone number and a call in code

2. Ability to invite up to 250 participants

online webinar service

2. Once the application is downloaded, it will be installed in your Start menu on your computer. Click on the icon to launch the application.

3. Once you click on the icon to launch the application, you will see the control panel at the top of your screen.

To invite others to join your meeting, simply provide them with the url that shows up in the control panel (in this example, join.me/474-432-577). You now have some cool features that come along with it, like a conference call number, ability to chat, turn screen share on and off and see a list of participants.

(The control sharing option is if you upgrade to the Pro version. )

Online Webinar Service

How can you use this tool in your business?

  • Meeting with a client (especially those that are not tech savy, there are very little steps involved)
  • Need a quick conference call number for a meeting
  • Meeting with team members to review a project

How is this better than screen sharing in Skype?

Someone asked me the benefit of using this over doing a screen sharing session in Skype. The answer is the volume of people that can be added to this meeting. Skype is great to do a screen share with one person, but it can only be used for group screen sharing if you have a Mac.

If you are looking to do a webinar or host an online meeting for FREE, visit http://www.join.me

Note: The only thing that it does not have (that I wish it did), is the ability to record the webinar.




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