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WordPress Wednesday –>Creating a Custom Widget

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When building your WordPress Blog, you have many options to add widgets to your sidebars. WordPress comes with a variety of default widgets such as Calendar, Recent Posts, Recent Comments and more.

But, what if you want to add a banner or an image to your side bar, how do you do that?

Personally, I used to use the Text Widget option and hard code html in the text widget…which is very old school and I can't believe that is how I was doing it 🙂

This is the quick and easy way….

1. Click on Posts, then Add New

2. Now you will create a post with the images and text that you want to put in your sidebar (insert images, text, links etc)

3. Click on HTML and copy the HTML code <– this is the secret tip!!

4. Now you can close the post (don't actually make it a live post). When you leave the site, it will ask you if you want to save the post, go ahead and choose “No”

5. Click on Appearance, Widgets, then Text Widgets. Drag the text widget into the sidebar that you wish for it to appear.


6. Paste the HTML code into the Text widget


7. Save the widget, now check your blog. You may have to do a little editing, but it should look like the post you created.


This tip allows you to make a custom sidebar widget … and it's so quick and easy!

P.S. I learned this great tip from Nicola Grace from http://www.infullflightonline.com/ – thanks Nicola!


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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write in my sidebar widgets area for quite some time now…but couldn’t figure it out. Thanks guys! This is brilliant stuff.

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