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Dominate Your Niche in Facebook

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Today we are going to talk about Dominating Your Niche in Facebook!

Often times we meet clients who are marketing their business online, but not getting any results.  Generally the reason is because the marketing is too broad and unable to compete with some big spenders of Search Engine Optimization services.  Below are some ways that you can easily modify your marketing and begin to dominate over competitors in Facebook.

1.  You have a niche – but are there micro niches that are included?  Example – Golf Instructor –  By having separate Fan Pages relative to “Improving your Short Game”, “Improving your Long Game”, “Club Selection”, “Golf Course Etiquette, even “Healthy Eating to Improve your Handicap”.  These are all topics that are searched widely in Google and if you have fan pages with separate topics, your page will more likely be found.

2.  Facebook is GIVING out URL's!  Get them now… even if you aren't ready to use them yet!  These are keyworded domains like:

http://www.facebook.com/ImproveYourGolfShortGame or  http://www.facebook.com/NewportBeachPlumbing if you are a local business.  Think about the following; if you have a business that can sell anywhere in the United States, create a Fan Page for each major city in the US – there are 100 of them with over 1 million people in each.

3.  Sell products and services that Buyers are BUYING.  It may be more profitable to adjust your offering to meet Buyers demand.  Even a slight change in the way a niche is marketed could alter your profit dramatically.  We will talk more about it on the webinar.

Learn more by watching the online class where we talk more about doinating your niche in facebook.  You can watch the class right now, online for free at: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/

To your success,

Alicia and Lorette Lyttle


  1. Hello Alicia,
    You have a wonderful blog. I enjoyed reading it.
    Creating a fan page is something I have yet to do.
    I’m still very new to network marketing trying
    to learn all that I can.
    Are you suggesting having a fan page is a great way to market your business? I can use all the advice I can find.
    Glad to connect with you.

  2. Hi Alicia! I am a big fan of your blog. I found your post very easy to learn and use. Please continue on helping business newbies like me.

    More power to you and Lorette =)

  3. Hi Alicia,

    Thank you for the URL’s. I am currently doing Facebook marketing for my business. I am still a newbie and just starting to use Facebook as a marketing strategy.


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