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We've showed you how to become a GoDaddy affiliate, but now we are going to take it to the next level and show you how to become a Domain Reseller.

This means that you can have your own branded, customizable reseller store, you're very own online business. The one thing that I like best about having a reseller store is that it’s a hands free business that runs itself! 

First of all, your reseller store is powered by the biggest domain registrar company in the industry, GoDaddy. Once you set it up, GoDaddy does all the work.  Their system process the orders, does all the customer service, upsells your customers online, in email campaigns and on the phone to increase your commissions, and then they pay you your commissions.

You need to just promote your site, and let GoDaddy do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Reseller?

  • An affiliate is promoting GoDaddy and its services and there is a cap on the amount of commission you can receive per sale.
  • A reseller can crate their own branded storefront so your clients can purchase domains from “your store”. Resellers can also choose how much they want to mark up the various products and services for maximum commission.

Who would be a great candidate to be a GoDaddy Domain Reseller?

  • If you currently have a following and teach people how to set up online businesses, it is a natural fit for you to recommend purchasing from your reseller store
  • If you market to offline businesses, you can have them purchase everything through your reseller account. Keep in mind, most offline businesses don't know anything about where to buy domains

See below for a screenshot of the top GoDaddy resellers in August, 2011.  

That is AMAZING income for a turnkey business that you don't have to do any work, other than promote your site!

Click Here to Register as a GoDaddy Reseller

To get started just watch the videos below

Video 1

In this video we will show you the reseller program.  If you would like to have your own done for you system to sell domain names, hosting, ssl certificates and more, please watch the video below:

Video 2

After you have signed up as a reseller we are going to give you a quick sneak peak into the back office of your reseller account.  Watch this video to see the sneak peak!

Click Here to Register as a GoDaddy Reseller



If you choose to sign up as a reseller you’ll have a complementary getting started coaching session.  We are going to cover:

  • Getting started with the reseller program
  • How you can implement it in your business
  • How other successful people are using their reseller program

Once you purchase your reseller account, or if you have any questions before you purchase it please visit http://www.monetizedmarketingsupport.com/ and send us a support ticket.



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