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Now that you have the Domain Dominance PLR Article pack, you can use these articles as content for your blog, your membership or even for a giveaway, but when you are doing these various activities, you may as well make some affiliate income from it was well 🙂

GoDaddy pays 20% commission on products and services purchased through your affiliate link, including domain names.

GoDaddy pays even more for specific products such as SSL Certification which pays out 50% commission!

It is quick and easy to sign up as a GoDaddy affiliate. Just watch the two videos below for step by step instructions.


Video 1

Step by step intructions on how to register as and affiliate and the available options for registration.

Video 2

Step by step intructions on how to promote specific products within the GoDaddy affiliate program.


Click Here to Register as a GoDaddy Affiliate



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