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Branding Your Fan Page

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Alright, lets talk about …. Branding Your Fan Page !

Facebook Fan Pages are constantly changing and there's no better time then now to get started. Pages always seem to be a work in progress, so don't be afraid if your page isn't perfect.  Most people we meet never get to the point of having a Fan Page up and running because of this fear that it's not perfect.  Do Not Worry… Rome was not built in a day… Neither will your Fan Page be…

In October, 2010, Facebook surpassed Google for the number of searches each day.  To respond to this, Google has made every effort to “Crawl” Facebook Pages to increase their searchability in the organic rankings.  The game has changed and here's your chance to have an unfair advantage over your competition.

1.  Your Fan Page should have a consistent look and feel and should try to match other elements of your online marketing efforts.  Logos should match, designs should be similar, content should be consistent through all of your online assets.  Consider using the same graphics with Twitter and YouTube to round out your consistant branding and messages.

2.  Integrate your website content into Facebook and vice versa.  There are ways for your website to have your Fan Page wall integrated right in creating the feel of constant activity.  In addition, you can include in your iFrame RSS feeds from other resources online.  Maybe it's about the weather, or Mortgage news, Local Events, anything that you think your viewers might be interested in.

3.  Create a Tagline for your business.  What is your 10 Second Elevator Speech?  Video is a HUGE way to build your brand.  Could you record a 90 second Infomercial?  Doesn't have to be professional, but should be high quality content.

Alicia, Lorette, Jim and Emily recorded a 90 minute class for you.  In this lesson you will find out more about branding your fan page.  Click the link to watch that free class: http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/


Alicia and Lorette Lyttle

P.S. Learn more by watching this free 90 minute online class:  http://www.fbcashcreator.com/fb/



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