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Export Your Facebook Page Data

As I was pulling together some data for my clients, I wanted to share with you how you can pull together your Facebook Page Data.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in as your page.

Step 2: Click on Insights

Step 3: Click on Posts – then Export.

Step 4: In Export Insight Data – choose what you would like to export.

Under Data Type you have the opportunity to grab:

1. Page data: Key Page metrics for engagement, like sources and audience details.

2. Post data: Key post metrics for reach, impressions and feedback.

3. Video data: Key video metrics including views, unique views, paid views and organic views

Step 6: Analyze the data that comes to you and use excel to create some cool charts and graphs!


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Facebook Year in Review

Ok, so you've seen your newsfeed full of these “Year In Review” albums and you want to create your own. Well I created mine and here's how you can create and customize your own!

Step 1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview

Step 2:Review what Facebook put together for you and then scroll to the bottom and click on “Customize” Remove photos of your ex and the events you don't really want to remember = )

Step 3: After you are done customizing, click Share! You can edit the general message that they write for you … and then click on the blue button titled: Post.

Step 4: That's it! Enjoy. You can see my year in review on my page: https://www.facebook.com/aliciarosettalyttle

Share your Year in Review with my by posting a link to your page in the comments!

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merge facebook pages

So, I had two Facebook pages for my company. One was a regular page and one was a places page. It was causing some confusion so I set out ot merge the two pages and it worked! Now here are the instruction on how you can Merge Facebook pages:

Please note that in order to do this you:

  1. Must be an admin of both pages
  2. The 2 pages are for the same thing
  3. The pages are named the same thing ( or are very similiar)
  4. If your pages have physical locations, the address is the same.

The following will be combined:

  1. People who like your page
  2. Ratings
  3. Check-ins

The following will be deleted from the page you merge:

  1. Posts
  2. Photos
  3. Username

The page you want to keep will remain the same except that:

  1. The page likes from the merged page will be added to this one
  2. Ratings from other page will be brought to this one
  3. Check-ins from the other page will be brought to this one

What to keep in mind:

  1. The page you are merging ( the one you dont want to keep) will be removed form facebook.
  2. You won’t be able to un-merge.

Step 1: Visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/merge/

Step 2: Choose the pages you which to Merge

Step 3: Confirm Merged Pages. Make sure you read the terms before you click confirm!


Step 4: Click “OK”

That’s it! Your pages are merged!

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My ads keep getting denied because I have more than 20% text in them … so I found the Facebook Grid Tool and I'm using it.  I thought it was useful so I am posting it here!
Here's what facebook says:
” Ads that have more than 20% of text in their image won't be approved to run in News Feed. Too much text can look like spam and make people think that your ad is low quality. Make sure to use the headline and body of your ad to tell people more about why you're advertising and what you want them to do.
“Upload an image .. to see how much text you're using. After you upload an image, we recommend marking five boxes on the grid in order to determine whether your creative is likely to be acceptable to show in News Feed. “

Click HERE to check out the Facebook Grid Tool

Click HERE to read Facebook's Advertising Guidelines

Engagement in your Facebook groups is so important to keeping them alive and active.  Here are some of our recommendations for keeping your group active.

1. Post often.  A active group should have a minimum of 3 posts a day.  Once your group s active it will continuously show up in the notification feed of the members and be considered an “hot” or “active” group by members.

2. Have rules.  A great group should have rules.  Unless the purpose of the group is to post links to products, there should be a rule of no promotions of products.  It's so annoying to be in groups where people just post links to the MLM's they are in or the affiliate product they are promoting that day.  Don't tolerate garbage posting, promotions, etc.

3. Have moderators.  Delete posts, people and spam!  You will be the groups #1 moderator – but find other active members who would love the power of being a moderator.  Set out clear expectations of what you would like moderators to do, and let the group know who the moderators are and why they are there.

4. Deliver Value.  Whatever the mission is of your group, please make sure you deliver value to them. Don't use it as a place to just promote your stuff, people will leave!  Use it as a place of knowledge exchange and value!  

5. Encourage engagement.  When people post in the group, reply to their comments, like their comments, ask questions, create a poll… in the video below I will show you how to create a poll in your Facebook group.  Watch it!


I use a really great tool to create my facebook timeline cover photos for free.  the tool can be found at picmonkey.com and in the video below I will show you how to use it!  

Have fun and create some cool timeline cover photos/banners.  the fanpage I used in the example ( my Ovarian Cancer page ) can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/ovariancancersurvivor

Here's your Video:


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The main purpose of blog commenting is that leaving comments will help you reach out to people. And this strategy will make you more influential. There is no other way that you could connect with a blogger none other than contributing consistently on their blog through the comments. This is a plus point to you because those bloggers see that you are reading what they write. Leaving a good comment sends a message that you spent time on their blog.

Blog guest posting is very common today but before you send a request to someone about posting as a guest on their blog, it is advisable to invest several time in commenting. If you approach them in a professional way,
the author will surely know that you are legitimate, serious and can add value to their site.

This also means that you can’t just leave links that are irrelevant to the blog or conversation. It is always important to leave links that will improve the discussion.

It is always into your advantage when you contribute to the social web such as blog commenting. And there is no doubt that Google likes it.

The Strategy

Why understand the blogger?

First thing is to know is where you are going to post. There was a time when commenting to 100 blogs in a short period of time is important, but now; it doesn't work that way anymore. You need to be strategic about where to comment because you could leave comments on blogs that don’t really carry any social weight and these blogs has already eaten up your time.

Take note to see blogs that are relevant to your topic. Look for blogs that are worthwhile to comment on. Because getting links from them, it will actually mean something and that link will surely count.

Why understand the commenting community?

After seeing your prospect blog, take a look at the comments that are already present. Read through all the comments on the post you are thinking about responding to. If you can, have time to scan even the older
comments to have an idea.

Take note at the characteristics of the commenter’s and the community itself. Are the people around here friendly? Sarcastic? Mean? Smart? Is it a wise thing to leave comments in this kind of blog? Why do you need to check out the comments first before commenting? Because sometimes, you may actually realize after reading the comments that you don’t want to contribute to that discussion or blog. You might have seen that this blog can hurt your site instead of help it. So this step is important when it comes to figuring out strategically where you are going to post.

Why use authentic identity?
Before you consider blog commenting as one of your strategy, one of the things you will have to figure out early is your commenting identity. If you are new to blog commenting, you might have considered using a dummy name, screen name, fake name and there is a time that even symbolic ones. But, the best practice if you are a professional and plan on making a serious go at this to emphasize your online presence, is to use your authentic identity.

Using your true identity means using your first and last name and real photo of you as your avatar.

This is helpful because your identity even in blog commenting is tied into your social search strategy. Your identity will build credibility with the community you are about to contribute to. You will be known and most importantly, your name will appear to Google’s search engine results pages.

To make things easier, there are some tools that you can use to manage your online contribution profile. One is Gravatar, which allows you to pull the same image across the web as you comment on different blogs.

Why read through the comments?

The main purpose of this is to avoid repeating something someone else already said. Most blogs do not have hundreds of comments, so reading through will not be too hard. If there are lots of comments, you can just scan them but the main point is to to make sure you understand what is being discussed. If you post a comment that repeats a prior comment, you might lose credibility and that is something that we are trying to avoid.

How long should a comment be?

In writing a comment, you should remember these three C’s: Be Clear, Be Concise and Be Compelling.

You might write long comments but is it interesting enough? However in short comments, they tend to get overlooked, especially if there dozens or more comments.

What you should do is to write a long comment or write several short-to-medium sized comments on the same blog post.

How many numbers of links you should leave?

Avoid being too self-promotional by not leaving more than one link in a comment. That would just seem too self-promotional. If you are going to link to someone else, two is the maximum I would leave.

You should take note that in WordPress, by default, WordPress filters comments with two or more links as spam.

If you are going to put anchor texts, it’s better to use HTML code to make your links anchor text.

<a href=”http://yoursite.com”>your anchor text</a>

Search for Blogs Using Google Search


1. Use the tool “Blog Search” on the Google searching tools.


Note: Google has lots of new tools that you can use even in searching blogs to do your commenting. You can use Blog Search and Blogger (which searches for Blogspot blogs).


2. Once in the Google Blog Search home, type in your keyword or the topic you wanted to search for blogs.


3. You can now see that Google returned only blogs in the searches.


4. Once in the website, look for the comment form at the bottom of the post which is usually look like this. Leave your name, email address, website and of course your comment.


Commenting Using Disqus

Disqus is a networked community platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web. With Disqus, your website gains a feature-rich comment system complete with social network integration, advanced administration and moderation options, and other extensive community functions. Most importantly, by utilizing Disqus, you are instantly plugging into our web-wide community network, connecting millions of global users to your small blog or large media hub.

Source: http://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/466179-what-is-disqus-

The benefit of Disqus, is how easy it is, and your comments will almost always show instantly.


1. Go to http://disqus.com/ and register a Disqus account.

The username will be the anchor text for your link. Although you may want to try some accounts with keywords as the anchor text, it is really up to you as long as it is available.


2. Set up your profile in Disqus.

Go to Settings and set-up your Profile and Avatar. Complete the details that are needed in your Profile section:

Full Name



Short Bio

These details will appear once you have made a comment.



3. Search for blogs, use the following type of query when doing a Google search:

“Powered by Disqus” your keyword

Google will not only give you blogs which uses Disqus as a commenting platform, but also blogs relevant to your keywords.


4. After searching for blogs, you can now post your comment. Type in your comment in the box. Take note that if you are properly logged in, your username should appear at the bottom right hand side of the comment box and you do not have to log in to other site again as long as you are already logged in and that site uses Disqus also.


5. Clicking through one of the commenter you will see the bio or the profile page. You will see the username, description, website that you have set-up earlier. You will also see the number of comments made and the places that they have commented. This is the same info that will going to appear in your profile once you have made the comment.


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Lorette & I  are doing as much as we can to support Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in Jamaica!  This week I was invited to be a part of a press conference launching an event where I will be the keynote speaker – supported by NCB bank in Jamaica.  Check out the event website here: http://embracingsmes.com


About the Conference

A Conference for Small and Medium Enterprises wanting to excel embrace real opportunities for business growth!

Designed to steer you in the right direction, the NCB Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Conference 2013 is your gateway to a powerful future!  Let’s forge greater value-added business partnerships and access cutting-edge resources.

The Conference is designed to equip enterprising participants with tools, knowledge and linkages with potential partners to foster and sustain business growth.

Come reinforce business fundamentals, learn new market trends, establish contacts, enhance export/import opportunities, network, exchange views and ideas, as well as display products and services.


Powerful speakers

Opening Keynote Speaker- Alicia Lyttle, CEO – Monetized Marketing sets the tone for intensive information transfer and feedback.

Topic: Small but Social – How Small Businesses Can Win with Social Media

Alicia Lyttle has been a leader in the internet marketing industry since leaving her job 12 years ago as an environmental justice specialist in the White House. She now helps thousands around the world learn the power of the internet.

Other speakers include: David Martin, General Manager, Jamaica Producers Group, Lisandra Rickards, Entrepreneur Development Trainer, Branson Center of Entrepreneurship, and Yoni Epstein, CEO at Island Outsourcers and Chairman of the Business Processing Industry Association of Jamaica.

I you are a business in Jamaica – you need to be there.  Click here for the website

See you there!


Tuesdays Tips & Tools – Organizing Business Cards

Ok so you attend networking events and you do a great job at collecting business cards.. but now what?

Step 1: Install the app called CamCard onto your smart phone.
Step 2: Gather all your cards and scan them in!
Step 3: Put together a “reason” to reach out to them.
Step 4: Email them through Camcard or hire a telemarketer to call them.

Example: You are a Deal Site Marketer. ( This means you put businesses on Daily Deal Sites and take a percentage of the deal.) So you've been to networking events and collected a lot of business cards, but you haven't done anything with them yet!
So lets go through the steps above again:

Step 1: Install the app called CamCard onto your smart phone.

Step 2: Gather all your cards and scan them in!

Step 3: Put together a “reason” to reach out to them.

Call Script:
Hello Jenny it's Alicia Lyttle. We met at a networking event. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you – I've been super busy with all my clients and the deals we are running for them, but I haven't forgotten about you. Let chat about putting your business on a deal site and how I can help you. I have an opening on Thursday at 2, will that work for you? We will only need 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 4: Email them the script through Camcard or hire a telemarketer to call them. If I was hiring a telemarketer I would change it like this:

Telemarketer call script:
Hello Jenny it's Amy, Alicia Lyttle's assistant. You and Alicia met at a networking event. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you – I've been super busy with all of our clients and the deals we are running for them, but I haven't forgotten that Alicia wants to meet with you. So, I'd like to set up an appointment for you two to meet. She'll tell you all about how we can help you generate more clients, leads and exposure. I have an opening on Thursday at 2, will that work for you? You two will only need 10 – 15 minutes to touch base. Can I pencil you in?

Business Person: Sure that works

Assistant: Great. Write don this number please, it's our conference line, she'll meet you on that line at 2pm. I'll send you an email as well. I have your email as [email protected] – is that correct?

Business Person: Yes

Assistant: Great! I'll let Alicia know. If you need anything between now and then, let me give you our phone number and email. Our number is XXXXXX and our email is XXXXXXXXXX. People usually get so excited about running on a deal site that that have questions before meeting with Alicia, so I like to make sure you have our contact details.

Business Person: ok thanks

Assistant: Thursday at 2pm EST Chat again then, bye.


Pretty simple right?!

camcard2Well you are probably wondering where you will get an assistant from to call business for you … and I'm glad you are wondering because now I can talk about my favorite website again .. www.FIVERR.COM

Got to fiverr.com and do a search for the provider “blingblings” in the search box and hire them to do your calls for you!

Alright – now it's time to monetize that stack of business cards! Get busy!




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In this news story by The Telegraph in the UK, Living Social' Managing Director in the UK & Ireland, Peter Briffett gives some insight into Living Social and their strategies in working with Local Businesses.

Peter calls LivingSocial the “Future of Local Advertising.”

In this video you will learn:

– Why LivingSocial focuses on local
– Why their merchant center helps businesses to understand the value of their deal
– How LivingSocial delivers customers to local businesses
– The training culture at Living Social “Whale University”

Our Opinion

We use LivingSocial for our clients and we've seen some of the biggest benefits as being the ability to:

  1. Generating targeted qualified leads
  2. Generating new buyers/customers for their business
  3. Upfront Payments. LivingSocial pays a percentage of the total amount generated approximately 15 days after the deal has run.  This gives the business a nice upfront cash even before the clients have come in to use their ‘voucher'  ( WARNING: Businesses must manage this properly!)
  4. A spike in traffic on average of 2000%
  5. Brand Exposure
  6. A spike in interest and traffic into a retail location (if they have one)
  7. Repeat customers especially when systems are set up for them to return
  8. Increase online reviews

NOTE: We create the opportunities for our clients to leverage the power of daily deal sites.  Deal Sites are not responsible for helping businesses to take advantage of what they can deliver.  We as marketers have to do that for the businesses.

Got a question?

Call us at 866-523-2144 with your questions about working with deal sites for your business or the businesses of your clients.


Share the love  😆

If you found this blog post helpful, share it!  We'd love to hear your comments…. post below…


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Here's a clip from Alicia presenting in New York City.  Alicia is teaching the audience how to turn their passion into profits and is giving them tools and resources that can point them in the right direction!  You'll get something out of this … so watch it!


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Hey everyone – here's a special interview I did with David Sprague… we were talking deal sites stuff and it was amazing!  I loved it… and now I want to make sure I can share it with you!

Let me know what you think!


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We are really focusing on list building this year… and we are encouraging you to as well.

” .. you get paid by the emails you send out!”

When you have you have your own list,  you don't get paid by the hour, you get paid by the emails you sent out!

” .. the benefits will show up in your bank account!”

I can say that every time I send out an email with an offer in it, I make money.  Can you?  If you cant say that you can make money by sending out emails, then you are missing the boat.  You need to keep building and nurturing your list … the benefits will show up in your bank account.

“..you can do it too!”

Listen, we all are in marketing and we all get emails promoting stuff, and we buy it.  So you know that someone is making money off of you being on their list.  The fact that someone is making money from you being on their email list is proof that you can do it too.

ok… well there's my speech today on list building!  Throughout 2013 I'll post different strategies that we are using for list building.

To  your success,


I'm addicted to Facebook Marketing.  It's fun, ever evolving and easy to teach newbies how to use it to promote their business.  I hosted a webinar for our students … and here it is for you :

During this presentation you will learn:

1. How to set up a Facebook Event – and fun tricks to take events to the next level

2. How to set up a facebook offer

3. The basics of facebook advertising

… and much more…

check it out and let me know what you think …

Oh, here's the Javacript code you'll need:

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};

Retype javascript: at the beginning coz it disappears when you paste on the URL bar in chrome.

When you use it and if it works for you please post “works” in the comments box, so we can keep up with the latest codes.  If you are having trouble with it post a comment as well.


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Deal Site Profits

Thanksgiving has passed – but today Im reflected on all I'm thankful for.
The past two years have been among the most difficult with my divorce, but on the flip side, it's also been the most rewarding with our new business “Deal Site Profits.”

Not only has the model done well for myself and my sister ( and our company ) – but we've had so many students enjoy succes with this model, that it's given me such pride to share the model.

For those of you who don't know our main business – what we do is we represent businesses (online, offline, retail) and put them on deal sites (Groupon, Living Social).
We love it! Our clients are so wonderful and thankful, we have a great relationship with the deal sites and now those that we teach the model to are doing so well with it.

When you find something that works for you, share it. As entrepreneurs we should always be looking to help improve the lives of others as well.

For those of you who have not seen our presentation on working with deal sites, click the image below to watch the video.

Deal Site Profits

Deal Site Profits Presentation

If you have your own business and are looking to build a list using the power of Deal Sites, you'll enjoy this presentation:

Deal Site List Building




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Jim Edwards - Ebook Success Blueprint

We interviewed Jim Edwards on his “ebook success blueprint” and the video is now available for you to watch.  The presentation was super easy to follow, and (as Jim always does so well) Jim kicks your butt to get started making money with our own ebook.

Before the presentation started Jim and I were discussing how we are now back in the “time of the ebook” … for those of you who have been in around in Internet Marketing for a while – ebooks were popular in the early 2000's (2000-2004) – died of a little in 2004ish and then with the popularity of the Amazon Kindle, ebook sales are skyrocketing!  According to Amazon.com – they are selling more ebooks than physical books!

So, enjoy the presentation – take out a pen and paper – and then make your plan for writing your ebooks!

Click the image below to see the presentation:

Jim Edwards - Ebook Success Blueprint

Jim Edwards – Ebook Success Blueprint


A special thanks to Jim Edwards for this interview – and to my biz partner Greg Cesar for helping to host the interview!


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I was interviewed on “Be Legendary” with Dave VanHoose and Co-Host Kristen White

They asked some great questions on what it means to ‘Be Legendary', and what's I've been up to .. traveling the world…

Alicia Lyttle on “Be Legendary” with Dave VanHoose and Co-Host Kristen White


To listen to the show: Click here