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WordPress Wednesday –> Adding Your Gravatar

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This is not necessarily a WordPress tip…but, it's a good tip to know that relates to blogs 🙂

Have you ever wondered how people comment on blogs and have their picture show up next to the comments?

Those pictures are called Gravatars. Why would you even want to use one?

If you frequently post on blogs and leave comments (which you should to bring backlinks to your website), it is a good idea to have a Gravitar so that people and the blog owner begin to recognize you and it will help build relationships…and relationships is what its is all about these days.

This goes along with the whole social media craze, of networking and relationship building, and this will only help with your relationship building.

So this is how to create a Gravatar that will travel along with your email address everywhere you post something online with that email address.

Here is exactly how to to do….

1. Go to www.gravatar.com and click on “Get Your Gravatar Today”


2. Enter the email address that you want associated to your new Gravator

Gravatar Images

3. Next, click on the bottom where it says “Add one by clicking here” to upload an image

gravator images

4. Upload a picture. If the picture is too big it will automatically crop the picture and then you can choose which picture you want to associate to your email (if you uploaded more than one).

5. Now, go test your Gravatar! Go through the steps above, then post a comment on this post below to test it out!

You can see my sample post below (responding to a post on a blog on if it is a good idea to put a picture on a business card), so when entering my email address, it automatically associates my picture and posts it when my comment is posted.

Have fun!





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