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about-aliciaAlicia Lyttle has been a leader in the internet marketing industry for more than a decade.  Since leaving her job 13 years ago as an environmental justice specialist in the White House, Alicia has helped thousands around the world learn the power of the internet.

Unlike most other speakers, Alicia has the unique distinction of having mastered all the behind the scenes aspects of internet marketing and being on the front line as a trainer and speaker.

Within the internet marketing community, she is one of the most respected, knowledgeable and genuine persons in the industry.  Alicia is known as the go to person for the right resources, networking and connections.

Alicia has traveled the world, from Asia, to the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean, as well as all over the United States teaching people how to leverage the power of the internet and turn their knowledge into profits.

She is an expert in social networking, membership sites, affiliate marketing, outsourcing and so much more.  Alicia is always in great demand by both the beginners and even the experts on Internet Marketing and the latest and newest ways to monetize their online business.

Her true passion is working with people creating strategies and systems to leverage the internet to create financial success and personal freedom.



  1. Hey Alicia,
    I admire how much you have done with your life! You have a brilliant mind, you are a great teacher, great communicator, and with all that brilliance and achievement you are still down to earth, genuine and generous. You have had your share of live challenges and overcome them and come out stronger. I love what you are doing in Jamaica to help some people lift themselves up!
    May you reap lots of blessings in return,
    ps: I love that you are a woman forging it on the internet in a world of male internet gurus!

    • Thanks Annette! I appreciate you – I appreciate you on all the webinars and I look forward to continuing to build out relationship! you rock girl!

  2. Hi Alicia,

    I just wanted to thank you for all your help recently and for your friendship and support. You are the genuine article! I look forward to more exciting and valuable information and resources from you. I hope to actually meet you in person someday, preferably at one of your trainings! 😉

    Keep “rockin’ it”, girl!

    • Hi Rosemary! thanks for your comments. I look forward to keeping in touch. Let me know if you need anything. I am here for you!

  3. Alicia,
    This is great! I agree, you are brilliant amd have so much knowledge about this industry I can’t wait to connect with you. It’s time that women learn about the possibilities in the Internet business.

  4. Hey Alicia,

    I love the fact that you are living your life out loud with no regrets! You are definitely an inspiration to me and have been for many years now.

    Keep doing you and being your true self while spreading love and blessings through educating others!

    Love ya,

  5. Go Mi…
    I want to think you for the time I was in Dallas and making me feel comfortable with my surrounding at your event. I really thank you for all you have taught me in internet marketing, thing I can do on my own and a chance to me Dr. Fran Harris.

    You are a very lovely person I wish you all the success. I will visit your blog often.

  6. Hey Alicia, this is great stuff, I’m so exciting and rearing to go. I believe this is the greatest investment choice I have made in my career to be an internet marketer. Thanks for your training, guide and support. “Di ting tun up”

  7. Hi Alicia,

    thank you for all the internet wisdom and knowledge that you share. Your caring and sharing is priceless. You are an inspiration all over the world. Keep moving forward.
    Love U

  8. Hello Alicia!

    I met you at the Billionaire Mind Intensive Forum on Thursday in NY. I was so blessed when speaking with you, & the wisdom you shared about marketing was so powerful!!

    I’m really looking forward to your training and coaching.

    Hope to speak with you soon
    (Also about that book idea I have 😉

    Thanks Again & Stay Awesome!

  9. Hi Alicia,

    I saw you at the Les Brown event at PA. You are a very talented person and I’m hoping to connect with you.

  10. Hi JD. I do – we have a toolbox with products that we sell to our local business clients. From facebook marketing to Apps – we use software to find leads – we use lead khauna, we do have book on the kindle as do may of our students. We use them to generate leads (as well as other reasons) so yes, we are ADDICTED to learning and we implement what makes sense for us, and for our students! Thanks for writing.

  11. Hi Alicia,

    Saw you over the weekend of April 28th, you are truly awesome, & you are oozing with info, I am hoping to attend one of you training session very soon.
    Thanks great job.


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