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30 Days with Alicia & Lorette

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Hi! I’m Joshua Montoya an up and coming Internet Marketing Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker. For the next 30 days I will be working with Alicia Lyttle and Lorette Lyttle. I will be learning various aspects of internet marketing and implementing this learning experience into my own life and others lives. My goal is to build a reputable online presence, a mailing list, and to reach you – my audience. I’ve always wanted to build my own businesses, generate residual income for myself to pour back into the entrepreneurial community and fight this war on debt. These next 30 days will lay that foundation for me. I’m excited! Join me on my journey.


So what will I be doing for the next 30 days?

Well, I’ll be working with them in their business; I’ll be attending events with them, mastermind meetings, assisting on some new exciting projects they're launching, helping them to get ready for an upcoming event in Orlando and anything else they throw at me! I will also be working on my businesses under their guidance.

We will be creating an online presence for myself (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and branding myself as a reputable internet marketer) I will be reviewing different events, people and places we go and writing about my experiences here. My experience at the event or with the person or place; I’ll be asking myself these questions:

  • What did I learn and how has this experience changed you?
  • How do you now feel having this knowledge?
  • What are you going to do with this experience?
  • Now having gone through this experience and interview how are you now going to conduct your life around what you have learned?

Also I will be assisting them in their main training program and business: Deal Site Profits. This is where Alicia & Lorette help local businesses by helping them to get on Deal Sites like Groupon or Living Social. They always have a ton of deals running, so I’m going to learn this model for myself! I’m going to assist them in this business by getting hands on as far as submitting deals, structuring deals, supporting their students and clients, managing their leads program, etc. They also teach their methods to entrepreneurs and I’m going to be assisting them in some of their training as well. Because I’ll be doing deals with them, I’ll be in a great position to teach others what I’ve learned.

In this time period I will be working on 3 book projects that Alicia’s helping me on. I will start by recording audios, which will be transcribed – for three books that I have in mind as follows:

“Raising your grandchildren” (Story targeted toward grandparents who are raising grandchildren that their children gave up to them and are now in need on how to rear these children in the right direction in the generation that we are currently living in today. This book will also come from two perspectives, The perspective of the child and the perspective of the grandparent.. How the child reacts to not having his real parents around and how it feels being raised by grandparents and how the grandparents feel towards the child, the parent and the role they now have to play in the fiasco of raising a child in this generation)


“Feeling Abandoned” (How do you cope with not having your REAL mom and dad around? Even if you have a fatherly and motherly figure raising you whether it’s your aunt, cousin, grandparents, uncle whoever… How do you get over the fact that your Dad doesn’t love you? Your Mom doesn’t love you? How do you conquer these feelings of feeling abandoned? How do deal with the truth or lies you have heard about your real parents?


“11 days of change” This is the story of the life I lived in Baltimore, Maryland that ultimately led me down a road of having to choose between living for Christ and doing right or being seduced by the world and living by it's stanards. I thought following the crowd and not thinking for myself would ultimately lead me to a life of luxury and success because that’s what I saw in the lives of those who are famous and are able to live like rockstars (What a large misconception I had) and not get in trouble. I lived in Baltimore, Maryland from the age of 16 to 20 and in those 4 years I got myself into a lot of bad business from hanging out with the wrong crowd of people and entertaining a life of destruction and corrupt behavior.  The point of this story is to reach out to the younger and older generation of people who are lost in the world of fantasy taking them no where but down, and to give them a different perspective of life so they know that where they are right now in this moment does not define where they are tomorrow! We do not have to keep perpetuating this cycle and wasting away our generations.

Sounds like a lot to accomplish in 30 days right? Well I’ll be posting my journey here every day as a guest blogger on Alicia & Lorette’s blog. So keep in touch, follow my journey and I hope that we can inspire and motivate each other.


Lets Have Some Fun,

Joshua Montoya


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