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$20,000.00+ a month with Amazon’s Kindle

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Alicia and Lorette interviewed Ty Cohen on how he makes over $20K with the Amazon Kindle.


The online class (webinar) is now available and you will learn:

***** How to avoid “The Amazon Slap” Forever!

**** Where to get high quality ebooks to sell on Amazon
(and keep 100% of the profits 😉

**** How to create mini revenue streams in less then 10 minutes
(We'll even show you a few live samples that are making
$900.00 to $1600.00 a month, month in, month out all on autopilot…
All from a few minutes worth of work)

**** How to find topics that sell Like Crazy on Kindle

-A secret price point that can double, triple even
quadruple your Amazon, Kindle sales

**** What to include in your titles to draw people in and literally make them want to buy your kindle titles

You'll also learn how to outsource things like

**** Your content (ebooks, reports, covers, etc)

**** How to avoid putting your Amazon Kindle publisher's
account in jeopardy and keep it from getting “Slapped”

**** How to take advantage of Amazon's new model to make even more money.

And a lot more….

In fact, no matter what you are currently doing online right now or your skill level as it relates to Internet Marketing you'll want to attend this webinar because right now Amazon is one of the quickest, easiest, hottest ways to make money online… And did I mention that you can open your Amazon account with No Money?

Amazon wants you to WIN! Why? Because when you make money, they make money it is as simple as that 😉

Did I mention that each income stream takes only about 2 hours do, yet generates money over and over day in and day out…


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  1. Thanks Alicia and Lorette for this wonderful information. I’ll take it to the next level and start acting on what I’ve learned:) The time to take action is now. All the best to you.

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